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Gujarat Youth Conclave 2022.
Gujarat Youth Conclave 2022.

Youth Minister, Harsh Sanghavi extends an open invitation to the youth to participate in youth policy at Gujarat Youth Conclave 2022

ANI | Updated: Feb 15, 2022 19:02 IST

Gujarat [India], February 15 (ANI/ATK): The youth collective has the power to bring about transformational change. In the context of the pandemic, we have seen young people rise to the challenge and implement innovative solutions.
The second edition of Gujarat Youth Conclave was a celebration of the efforts of young changemakers across the state. GYC 2022 was organized virtually by Gujarat Youth Forum, UNICEF India, Elixir Foundation, and YuWaah - Generation Unlimited. The Conclave witnessed participation from 300 young individuals across the state.
The conclave began with an inaugural session, hosting Harsh Sanghavi, Minister of State, Home, Sports, Youth Service and Cultural Activities (I/C), Gujarat who stated, "I extend and open invitation to the youth and encourage them to participate, contribute and provide suggestions in forming a youth policy in Gujarat." He also facilitated the launch of UNICEF@75 coffee table book, which honours the efforts and accomplishments of 75 child rights advocates who used adversity to help humanity throughout the pandemic.
His esteemed address was followed by a special address by Prasanta Dash, Chief - UNICEF Gujarat Field Office.
Prasanta Dash added, "Our youth are the precious resources of the nation and they are going to lead us for the next generations to come."
The Chief of UNICEF Gujarat Field Office then proceeded to release the Doers Hub video series which provides guidance on unconventional career options to young people. The session concluded with remarks from Miss Moira Dawa, Communication, Advocacy and Partnerships Specialist at UNICEF India, as she shared, "UNICEF has conducted many empowering initiatives in the state, and we are looking forward this year in our mission and purpose that all children have the right to survive, thrive, and fulfill their potential." The session was moderated by Madhish Parikh, Convener at Gujarat Youth Forum as he stated, "We believe that children and youth can lead the way in reimagining the world of tomorrow".
Link to the Inaugural Session: https://www.facebook.com/GujaratYouthOrg/videos/2161095164043295
During a panel on Youth Leadership during COVID - 19, our experts - Nishu Kaul, Director, Earth Day Network, South and South Asia, Swaraj Shetty, Co- Founder/Director, Khana Chahiye. Dr Sravan Chenji, Health Officer, UNICEF Gujarat, and Dipen Gadhiya, Gujarat YPAT Member, shared shining examples of how youth have pivoted to the challenges of the pandemic by transforming into innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and frontline responders. Nishu Kaul highlighted the importance of her environmental campaign, stating "We have been working tirelessly to find environmentally sustainable solutions and are glad to state that we have amassed over 190 volunteers for 'My Future My Voice' in a short span of 16 months."

Link to Response, Recovery, Resilience: Youth Leadership in COVID-19 (panel): https://www.facebook.com/GujaratYouthOrg/videos/3068252440109827
Leading a key discussion on SDGs, varied experts from their field, shared their insights on how young people are key drivers on the road to Sustainable Development. Udit Singhal, young champion for SDGs for the United Nations, highlighted, "The role of young ambassadors in promoting SDG awareness and actions is vital amongst the youth."
Link to SDGs: The Road to 2030 (panel): https://www.facebook.com/GujaratYouthOrg/videos/322299939826373
A fruitful discussion on the subject of Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship in the Post-Pandemic World, was also held as a part of the conclave. Experts debated the changing nature of these youth assets in the new normal. There was also focus on highlighting innovation and entrepreneurship as key driving forces for the youth of tomorrow. Moderated by Miss Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief of Generation Unlimited, Youth Development and Partnerships, at UNICEF, the panel hosted a diverse discourse. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director at Atal Innovation Mission, spoke, "The government has committed to lower the friction between an idea and its way to become an enterprise as a part of upskilling the young generation."
Link to Youth Assets: Education, Skilling and Entrepreneurship (panel): https://www.facebook.com/GujaratYouthOrg/videos/324725506255047
Highlighting the importance of more female participation in STEM careers, Peter Cook, British Deputy High Commissioner for Gujarat and Rajasthan, delivered a spirited address inspiring our young audience. Peter highlighted, "We need to accelerate the process of trying to get more women to participate in the areas related to science and technology." The event concluded with two interactive workshops focusing on youth relevant subjects such as online safety and mental health as well as storytelling.
Link to Peter Cook's keynote: https://www.facebook.com/GujaratYouthOrg/videos/644420686779161
The Conclave witnessed a workshop organized on 'Online safety and Mental Health', facilitated by Amit Vasava, IPS, DCP Cyber Crime, Ahmedabad, Sharmila Ray, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF & Dr. Nishchal Bhatt, Chairperson, AHAA. Another workshop on 'The Power of a Story' was facilitated by Preeti Das, Academician and Stand-Up Comedian.
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