A very special gesture via  heart touching short film
A very special gesture via heart touching short film

Warm tribute to teachers- A very special gesture via heart touching short film on teacher's day

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2021 16:36 IST

New Delhi [India], September 4 (ANI/Oswaal Books): It is said that instructors are more important than parents. Teachers shape a kid's personality and provide a bright future, whereas parents give birth to a child. Aside from academics, instructors are there for us at every turn, guiding, motivating, and inspiring us to be better people. They are a wellspring of insight and information. They are the source of the ideas and thoughts that one day, every one of us will contribute to our society. I'd want to express my thanks to all of the teachers for their selfless dedication and unwavering support. We owe you a debt of gratitude that we will never repay.
Teaching someone is the most valuable service a person can do in order to assist another person reach their full potential. Stories from our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents have been used to teach us since the dawn of time. However, the Gurukul system, in which students went to study and learn from rishis and sages, gave rise to teaching as a vocation. Guru is a Sanskrit term that meaning "teacher, master, expert, or guide."
Our mother and father come to mind when we think about the earliest teachers in our life. They are our home teachers, who teach us how to live and achieve in life, and our school teachers, who teach and lead us in our interests and support our professional inclinations at every level with such care and understanding. Today is the day to pay tribute to them all, even if it is just in a tiny way.
In India, the celebrations began in 1962. On various days across the world, teachers' day is observed to honour the mentors in our life. Every year on September 5th, India commemorates our second president, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, and our 11th president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
Teachers are very understanding of students' thoughts and educate them appropriately. They are constantly encouraging and strive to explain the proper approach to solve any difficulty. When we fail, our professors teach us how to be excellent athletes and the significance of making errors and learning from them. Teachers influence a student's future by guiding them, and they are the cause for a student's successful career. Teaching is the vocation from which all other professions are derived.

This is a tribute to our dear teachers, the unsung heroes, of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This short film genuinely recognizes the hardships that our teachers have to go through. The way they have continued to strive for the best even in the most troublesome and unprecedented times.
Watch this heart-touching short film and after this tag, share it with your favourite teachers, thanking them for their efforts that went unnoticed.
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