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beGalileo's Co-Founder & MD Felicitated by DiaMirza at the award in recognition of the immense impact in Ed-Tech-Children'sEducation Learning
beGalileo's Co-Founder & MD Felicitated by DiaMirza at the award in recognition of the immense impact in Ed-Tech-Children'sEducation Learning

Vivek Shaurya wins ET Global Indian Leaders Awards 2022 for Best Early Learning Ecosystem Platform Founder

ANI | Updated: Oct 31, 2022 18:32 IST

New Delhi [India], October 31 (ANI/PNN): beGalileo - CarveNiche Technologies Pvt Ltd. received another accolade in its already illustrious journey for its positive impact on the industry for children's learning.
Vivek Shaurya, the Co-Founder & MD of beGalileo, was felicitated at the Economic Times Global Indian Leaders awards ceremony by well-known Bollywood actor DiaMirza.The award was to recognize his leadership and his company's influence for Children's core capability building using Math-Logic-Code.
Speaking after being felicitated at the ET Global India Leaders awards 2022, VivekShaurya, the Co-founder & MD of beGalileo said, "I thank the Economic Times for the Global Indian Leader Award platform and for the recognition to me & the beGalileo team. It's a momentous milestone in our journey and the trust parents & kids place in team beGalileo."
Vivek Shaurya Co-Founder & MD of beGalileo, the next-generation learning Ecosystem, is a technology strategist, a Digital thought leader & practitioner and a business leader of repute. As an entrepreneur he has taken his brand beGalileo to a uniquely differentiated positioning and expanded its reach to over 40 countries, the platform today has multiple awards under its belt, patents in process and is a distinctly unique platform across the world.
In a career spanning two decades, Vivek has also been credited to have buildingground-up profitable business units which scaled to the largest global business spread across North America, Europe & ANZ. A thought leader & public speaker he has spoken at the largest Industry forums & conferences in India & Abroad. His thoughts & visions can often be found on Forbes & other publications & media across the globe.
beGalileo, which was working in a hybrid online-offline centre-based model pre-covid had a narrow escape from Covid. Vivek & his co-founder Avneet quickly pivoted beGalileo to an online-only model from scratch.
With a vision to enable & enhance the innate capabilities of young minds using an innovative mix of digital & physical, Content & creativity, knowledge & Application based learning to bring the best out of the young minds. Per Vivek, 'Education has to be about the unravelling of capabilities, extending human possibilities and not just a recital or memorizing of facts'.

beGalileo, the mathematical thinking program, is an attempt in shaping the learning needs for the new world, an attempt to bring the best out of the human mind & capabilitiesby harnessing the logical, analytical, visualization & imagination, application-oriented bent of the mind- by using Math & coding as the tools & medium to build those skills methodically.
As Vivek says 'we have set ourselves to address this challenge of 'building true cognitive capabilities at scale' - by bringing the best of digital channels & technology, the most well-directed usage of facts & content while recognizing & addressing the 21st-century constraints of societies, parents & the child.
True to the badge that Vivek wears, beGalileo brings a multi-channel (digital), multidimensional (cognitive aspect coverage) & multi-disciplinary (academic coverage) approach at scale, using the best of AI, Voice, IOT, well-directed classy content and the undeniably critical motivational & mentoring leverage of trained & seasoned teachers. He is determined to usher in the new kids of the new world, armed, ready & confident for the journey of life's success.
beGalileo, in a short span & in a very organic mode, not just expanded to 40+ countries but has an industry-leading renewal & advocacy rate with NPS in excess of 69 and over 84 per cent of parents renewing. beGalileo, today, even in its growth stage- has been able to make many of its kids excel. Notable among them, beGalileo claims the youngest TEDx speaker, International Math Olympiad Rank 1, Mental Math Championship Rank 9, and scores of school & city level champions among its kids.
His venture, beGalileo is a holistic, genuine effort to equip kids with the armoury they will need in life. beGalileo kids are also planned to be trained in handling fears & failure, to ask questions without hesitation and many key behavioural aspect which are key to complementingthe academic & cognitive capability of the child and bringing their best for the world.
Currently, in addition to scaling beGalileo, he is busy bringing some new ideas to life. In his words "Our purpose, our drive is to bring positive changes to our surroundings, to touch maximum lives at scale, at economy & with a stark shift from status quo". And he is convinced, the 'last mile-last man democratization of technology is the answer to everything that modernization, industrialization & technology is being blamed for in this world. Well, almost everything!" To know more, visit: https://www.begalileo.com
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