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Vibrant and colourful elaborations with European Olives to celebrate the Holi festival

ANI | Updated: Mar 14, 2022 11:32 IST

New Delhi [India], March 14 (ANI/PRNewswire): Spring arrives and for two vibrant days India is covered in colours.
Thousands of Indians take to the streets to welcome the new season, waving under a cloud that emulates the colour of flowers and covers them in striking hues.
The arrival of good weather and the triumph of love merge into a festivity that erases class differences and liberates citizens.
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To sweeten such an important celebration, it is common to give sweets such as malpuas or mathri. In this context, the versatility of the European olive has much to contribute to this surprising tradition, since it has the quality of improving any recipe, resulting in vibrant and colourful results. This pillar of the Mediterranean Diet fits perfectly into the universe of aromas and flavours that make up the exciting Indian cuisine.
In addition, it has no culinary limits since it lends itself in almost 100 preparations: its quality and flavour make it an enriching product that crosses gastronomies and transforms sweet bites such as Olive Rava Masala Idli, Apple fritters with Hojiblanca olives, Mint Lassi with Queen Olives
The table olive is a small food with infinite culinary possibilities that is capable of bringing the essence of European cuisine to the Indian table to enhance, even more so, one of the most exciting and varied cuisines in the world. Likewise, it has the particularity of enclosing a sensory universe in the four flavours it contains (bitter, acid, sweet and salty) and can be found in countless formats (whole, chopped, sliced, boneless...).

Interaceituna introduces irresistible sweet creations to the table of Indian consumers, demonstrating that when you put olives on a plate, you are putting origin, history and a way of enjoying life, exactly as thousands of Indian citizens do during the fascinating "festival of the senses."
Olive rava masala idli: https://olivesatyourtable.in/olive-rava-masala-idli/
Apple fritters with Hojiblanca olives: https://olivesatyourtable.in/apple-fritters-with-hojiblanca-olives/
Mint Lassi with Queen Olives: https://olivesatyourtable.in/mint-lassi-with-queen-olives/
INTERACEITUNA is the Interprofessional Organisation of the Table Olive recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that represents the entire sector of production, processing and marketing of table olives.
Created to implement different programmes and activities of general interest INTERACEITUNA promotes knowledge of Spanish table olives and carries out research, promotion and development activities in the sector. INTERACEITUNA and the European Union have joined forces to promote this product.
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