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VedaOils launches Soap-Making Supplies for business owners

ANI | Updated: May 10, 2022 10:22 IST

New Delhi [India], May 10 (ANI/PRNewswire): VedaOils has launched a Natural & Chemical-free range of Soap Making Supplies that will streamline the soap-making process in the Soap Industry.
The company has assisted many Soap-Making startups in overcoming the challenges of producing unique soap formulations. It has also successfully brought the soap manufacturing sphere closer to the artists' workshops and business owners.
Business owners who want to manufacture or offer clean beauty products can check out Vegan-friendly and Chemical-free Soap-Making collections. The lack of additional chemicals like Alcohol, SLES, Parabens and Sulfate in soap bases is a huge benefit, making VedaOils soaps a conscious decision.
According to VedaOils CEO, Aayush Gupta, Marketing abilities, Creativity, Packing, Shipping and Expertise across several skill sets are required in this Soap-Making Business. But the most crucial decision is to select high-quality Soap-Making supplies to make the business successful and well-known among the customers.
The Soap-Making Supplies range offered by the company has been intricately designed to include all the raw materials that are required to produce soaps to appease one's satisfaction and preference. Aside from the basic range of Soap bases, the company also offers Soap molds, Pigments & Liquid bases.

VedaOils also launched a wide range of pre-designed Soap-Making Kits, which might be the perfect gift to surprise or inspire aspiring Soap-Making crafters. The kit includes everything needed for Soap Making, including Pre-made Soap bases, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Different pigments, decorative tags and other necessary equipment.
Art and craft enthusiasts can turn their hobby into a successful business endeavour if done correctly. Therefore, to eliminate the hassle of going from store to store to buy all the Soap-Making materials, Business owners or beginner Soap-Makers can now rush to the VedaOils website, where the company offers all products under the same roof.
Aayush Gupta, CEO of VedaOils, remarked on the new soap supplies, stating, "When the customers use VedaOils products to create art and establish businesses, it inspires the organization to develop new products for them. VedaOils' motto is to provide all the basic products under one tent to empower small-business owners and enthusiasts to purchase products effortlessly. The company is also making continuous efforts to guarantee that products are completely free of harmful substances, making them suitable for all consumers."
VedaOils, under its parent firm BO International, has been in the essential oil and cosmetic raw ingredient business for thirty years. The firm has remained committed to promoting natural and holistic beauty and self-care throughout this period. In addition, it has remained committed to developing products for the Indian lifestyle.
With over 1,600 bespoke formulations, the company focuses on making products that consumers love using and that actually benefit the customers. Also, since the company makes its products in-house, it can meet its aim of producing chemical-free products of the most outstanding quality.
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