Vivek Kumar Nagi
Vivek Kumar Nagi

This man is successful digital marketer, e-commerce expert at 20

ANI | Updated: Feb 16, 2021 16:20 IST

New Delhi [India], February 16 (ANI/ThePRTree): A lot of youngsters nowadays are pursuing B.Tech, BCA, MBA, MBBS and a lot more degrees but even after completion of their degrees they still wait for their dream career to take off.
Some do realize their dreams sooner or later, but most of these frustrated youth men fall by the wayside while the world moves ahead and on the other hand some hustle hard and build their own path towards success.
Vivek Kumar Nagi, a young man is one such hustler who worked hard and in the early '20s, he became one of the well-known e-commerce experts who started his journey in 2016 and is now a pioneer in the industry.
This young man was born and brought up in Ludhiana and he pursued CSE from Punjab University, Ludhiana. During his college days, he was very keen to know about online earning and this interest led him to become one of the most successful e-commerce and Digital marketing experts.
He stepped into the era of digital marketing and e-commerce during the year 2016 and now became a well-established pillar of the industry. From 2016 to now he hustled and worked non-stop. He never stopped expanding his skills during his whole journey and even now he still hones his skills.

He knew from the start that he has the potential to achieve the greatest heights and as a result of his belief in himself and stubbornness to work more, he's now running two profitable E-Commerce brands and has helped various brands in establishing their unique image in the competitive environment.
With his continuous efforts and determination, he made his path all the way up there without taking a single break throughout his whole journey, he has now become a Certified FB and Google Ads expert as well as certified digital marketer by Google and Facebook.
Started from scratch and accomplished sales worth in excess of 7 million rupees for every quarterly on his web-based business site and now he's planning to set up his own e-commerce brand and Digital marketing agency to help the potential clients reach more people very soon. With the opening of these firms, his vision is to grow and expand his business on the world-class level.
Everyone must have wished once to live a remarkable life but only a few are determined enough to make this wish come true in the real world and Vivek Kumar Nagi is one of them who is living a lavish and peaceful lifestyle only because of his hard work and dedication toward his passion. He has already set up a milestone only at the age of 23 and there's whole life remaining. With this pace, he'll be unstoppable in the nearing future.
The journey of Vivek Kumar Nagi is inspirational enough to be considered as an example for the young souls. He gained this by working day and night. He is the perfect instance of high-performing and strong business people who battled against all the chances and turned into a digital marketer and e-commerce expert. One thing Vivek Kumar Nagi's journey teaches us is that "once you've begun, never stop, keep grinding, keep hustling but never pause".
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