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These platforms are inspiring women to restart their careers post maternity break

ANI | Updated: Jun 15, 2018 14:15 IST

New Delhi [India], June 15 (ANI): Women drop out of workforce at various stages but the main thrust often comes during and post pregnancy stages in women' life. The baby then takes precedence over everything else and having a full-time career seems like a thing of the past!
The not-so-desirable outcome: today we have more women who have left jobs for full-time motherhood, displacing a lot of skilled and trained professional talent from the workforce.
However, there are few platforms which are dedicatedly working for mothers who wish to join back the workforce but are looking for a right start.
If you are a mom, who on sabbatical is longing to re-enter the workforce or wish to re-start professional journey can look up to following platforms:
An online connecting a portal which seamlessly enables women on a professional break to restart their careers and achieve their full potential, JobsForHer connects suitable job opportunities, reputed companies, and curated experts in a plethora of restart resources such as reskilling, community building & networking, etc.
The platform helps your mom choose jobs - whether full-time, part-time, or work from home - as per her convenience. JobsForHer's vision is to reverse female brain-drain from within the Indian workforce.
India's largest multilingual content platform that offers support to moms across the country. A blogging site where the content is created by, of and for mothers, helps not just in their journeys as parents but also in their lives as wives, daughters, and - most importantly - as women! Momspresso that also has a video based content has so far created work opportunity for 6000 mums who have driven a whopping 50,000 blogs across the seven languages.
V-PACT aims to provide part-time employment opportunities for women, who have professional skills, but are unable to take up full time employment. The service is provided using a web-based portal that brings potential employers and women, looking for part-time employment opportunities, together onto a common platform. The part-time employment can be either assignment-based or on the basis of a specific number of hours per week/month. V-PACT seeks to act as a bridge between such skilled women resources looking for part-time work, and potential employers seeking to fill critical gaps in their staffing.
They specialize in creating and providing opportunities for women who have taken a break in their careers and are now intent on getting back to the mainstream. It is for the woman who has her career aspirations as high as her family priorities and is now ready to balance both, in order to get the best of both the worlds. Avtar I-Win caters to every aspect of a women's career and the recruitment service is still as strong as ever with over 8000 placements. (ANI)