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The success mantra of Juice Salon Franchise
The success mantra of Juice Salon Franchise

The success mantra of Juice Salon Franchise

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2022 18:07 IST

New Delhi [India], February 17 (ANI/ATK): Salons are booming with glamorous trends and fancy looks! With a significant contribution to the economy, it has grown leaps and bounds worldwide. It's a global makeover!
With a 20% annual growth in the Salon Industry, it comes as no shock when we say it has taken the world within its grasp. Rapid urbanization coupled with an increase in women employability has brought this sector to the forefront. The advent of technology and science has empowered this industry with a multi-billion growth in the past few years. It is exciting to notice that these industries increased confidence and bridged the gap between all genders.
The age of digitisation has also brought with it an aura of awareness, as social media platforms encourage people to look after themselves using various hair and skin products that ensure environmental safety and are also cruelty-free and vegan. Grooming has become more of a lifestyle than a choice, as more and more people are attracted to looking at the best version of themselves due to a consistent cash flow in markets. India has been a vortex for trends, especially beauty and spa treatments.
One of the foremost leaders of salon chains, JUICE Salon Franchises have established a legacy. Bridging the gap between availability and demand, they have spread across nations and countries, offering various services ranging from nail extensions to cosmetology. Their expansion brings with it a holistic development that enhances talents and exclusivity for their clients.
Nitin Kalwani, Managing Director of JUICE Salon Franchise, has said, "The beauty industry is recession-resistant. Lean times in an economy can lead consumers to cut back on certain expenditures. Still, personal care services such as haircuts, colors and styles impact consumers' everyday lives and remain a constant need. "
His words strike a chord amongst all, as even statistics depict the rising affluence of the working class sector has escalated their consumption lifestyle and personal care services. Real estate firms, Manufacturing services, E-commerce are observing a gradual shift to Tier 2 and 3 cities and hence increasing the per capita income, thus increasing expenditure of luxury commodities. Tier-II and III cities bring balance in terms of population, transportation, cost of living, quality of education.
Tier I cities have compelled inhabitants to move out to wider areas with better infrastructure, employment opportunities and quality of living. Thus, the salon industry brings equilibrium, as it brings more opportunities for jobs, thus enhancing living standards for all. This industry shall further be strengthened by investment in it by stakeholders such as customers, salons, vendors and landlords. JUICE Salon Franchises have metamorphosed through all of this.

The artistic salon has had exquisite services that provide holistic luxury care to all its customers. With enticing service ideas, JUICE Salons have stayed at the forefront of the salon market's resilience. It is indeed as ingenious as can be! JUICE Franchises are extremely famous for their nail services as they create the most trendsetting designs. Whilst following all protocols amidst the pandemic, they have been ensuring to keep their employees and their customers safe as well!
As new stakeholders and brands are motivated to partner with them, Nitin has rightfully said, "This is one area where an established brand like JUICE Salon's Franchises has a better leverage over the stakeholders." The Salon industry, just like the fashion industry, is an arena for artists to showcase their strengths which lead to creative trends and iconic looks. JUICE Salon Franchises have created an aura of sophisticated trends, especially with its intrinsic nail designs, especially after it partnered up with LYN, a sister company that offers an assortment of vegan colors, nail tools and equipment. They offer world-class nail services with exclusive & professional nail products and heavily skilled nail technicians who bring dreamy designs to life! The essence of their adaptability lies in their consistency to deliver quintessential looks and effortlessly recreating old looks with speckles of bold and color. Glamorous looks are created by versatility, and JUICE Salon's Franchises have remained one of the top brands to deliver and satisfy constantly. Salons that partner up with them also have imprinted the JUICE Franchises signatures on their clients, thus making sure that the spirit of services, luxury and satisfaction continues.

What does the future hold for JUICE Salon Franchises? "We are looking at rapidly expanding the brand in the next five years and working on adding more international driven formats like nail and beauty only salons and bigger retail formats in our stores. We aspire to give each client not just a luxurious but totally safe feeling while walking out of our salons," says Nitin proudly. Following all governmental norms and protocols, it's safe to indulge ourselves in self-care as well! 28 salons all over India is not a small feat to achieve. As they strive to focus on customer engagement through digital platforms, such as social media & showcase services to build and strengthen brand value, they are cherished by all consumers, stakeholders and the ever-present staff.
A solace to many, beauty is a haven for all of us to connect, influence, and portray our truest self, and it is thanks to JUICE Franchises that we are aided in our process to rediscover ourselves during the pandemic as well. It is truly a second home to all, a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization.
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