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Swoovi Innovations launches Milostar
Swoovi Innovations launches Milostar

Swoovi Innovations launches Milostar streaming feature

ANI | Updated: Jun 14, 2022 11:59 IST

New Delhi [India], June 14 (ANI/SRV): Swoovi innovations have announced the release of Milostar-live, a pre-existing live streaming capability built on top of a pre-existing short video platform that will be available to a broader audience.
The Milostar-live streaming feature includes built-in time period gamification in the form of an existing gifting option. The creators are rewarded by their fan base based on top content quality, density, and engagement, which can exist as a redeemed inside reward on top of the Milostar live platform.
Milostar strengthens its position as a leader of the creator economy among short video apps in India with the expanded launch of Milostar-live streaming feature capability. This is an existing success within the vision of Swoovi Innovations, which is to empower content creators to rework their social capital into financial independence.
The platform now has over 80,000 users and creators, and it is spreading across multiple languages, with Hindi and Tamil being the most active communities. Milostar anticipates that its creator financial gain will increase by 150 per cent by the end of the fourth quarter, at the same time that an existing result that belongs to the unique service provided will be provided.
At the same time that the part of Milostar-live is going live, creator partners on top of the platform can now have another streaming feature go live, allowing them to deliver their specialised skills-based services to their follower base while also delivering other extremely engaging content to their follower base inside of the language of their choice. Users will be able to send their favourite live performing arts creators a variety of digital gifts ranging from an existing simple gift to an existing special occasion premium gift.

With time gamification integrated into these broadcasting sessions, users will emerge at the same time as the most ardent fans of their favourite creators within an existing single broadcasting session, as well as win incentives or goodies from their favourite creators.
According to the Milostar team, "we happen to be on top of an existing mission to create an existing massive knowledge as well as computer science (AI) technology-led platform that improves content creators' engagement with their followers at every touchpoint." Milostar's 'equal opportunity' algorithms breathe new life into live streaming engagement between short video creators and their followers.
"As we begin an existing journey to change an existing 360-degree stack that belongs to content consumption that belongs to our users as well as earning that belongs to creators, we tend to are assured that Milostar Live happen to be able to exist as an ability to drive nearer connect, bond, as well as credibility amongst our users additionally at the same time that creators as well as facilitate them gain additional revenues that are going to be generated."
Virtual gift-giving is one of the most popular online streaming activities, and Milostar has become the short video app to bring this to creators as well as shoppers who are interested in native language short videos.
This includes customised online services sessions hosted, distributed, and delivered on top of the platform, creating an existing full 360-degree journey for content shoppers to interact with their favourite creators as well as for creators to earn by monetizing their connections and credibility with their follower base. Earnings for creators have increased since the platform's soft launch for gifting.
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