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Super Star E Awards 2020
Super Star E Awards 2020

Super Star E Awards, a new normal beggest digital award show for the COVID warrior and social media entertainers during this pandemic time

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2020 16:24 IST

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], October 5 (ANI/NewsVoir): Super Star E Awards 2020 was solely created to recognize the work of two kinds of people, firstly, our frontline warriors who have been relentlessly working towards our safety and recovery.
Secondly, social media contributors who have been working towards spreading positivity during these times of uncertainty and have been keeping us engaged through their amazing content.
The biggest gift that we could give them is recognition. To let them know that we acknowledge the efforts that they have been consistently putting in.
In this endeavour, we put together 'Superstar E Awards 2020, saluting every real-life superhero'.
Along with the many things the pandemic has brought into our lives, it's also brought about resilience. The new normal is all about seamlessly flowing with change.
Many iconic people have stepped on board to lift the spirits of our people.
We at Cirkle PR & Trend Loud Digital decided to put together a new normal award show during this lockdown.
What started off as a small idea has turned into India's biggest digital awards. We unanimously believed that we must retain the grandeur of an awards ceremony to truly make this recognition count. We worked with a lot of young minds and brought that positivity to the surface.

'It's amazing to see people come together during hard times. I was humbled by what I witnessed. We received a great deal of support from celebrities. I've done many events in the past but I've not experienced this level of solidarity,' said Lisha, Managing Director CirKle PR.
There is a need for such awards, and it is an apt time to felicitate real-life unsung heroes who have spread positivity all through the challenging pandemic period. Glad we partnered and Co-Produced Super Star E Awards 2020, Chidambaram Natesan, said Trend Loud's CEO and Director while speaking on the opportunity.
Our Jury Members for Superstar E Awards are; Veteran Actor & Director Parthiban, Anchor Archana Chandhoke, Actress Vani Bhojan and Actor and RJ Vigneshkanth.
The state came together to nominate their favourite Social Media personalities whom they thought were deserving.
Over 8000 nominations were registered into & six lakhs votes came in for the nominations picked by the public and the jury!
The show shall have an overall 32 award categories.
Pulling this off was no easy feat. We had almost 150 people on our team like nominees, technicians, production, coordinators for formatting/organising participation via zoom calls etc. It was quite challenging to work within the new social format.
We made sure that safety and hygiene was paramount. Extreme care was taken during shoots. A shoot spanning six days and a small team on location managed to piece the whole event together. It was a rollercoaster but totally worth it.
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