All Typologies of Questions specified by the CBSE Board included.
All Typologies of Questions specified by the CBSE Board included.

Stressed about CBSE ICSE date sheets for 2021 board exams? 5 must-read tips for teachers & student

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2021 17:41 IST

New Delhi [India], January 18 (ANI/Mediawire): The COVID-19 situation has drastically changed our lives as we know it. Teachers and students around the world have to reassess how they teach and learn respectively. Teachers not only have to adjust their curriculum, but also have to find interactive and creative ways to explain the concepts such that students canunderstand them even from a screen.
If you are a teacher or student, here are 5 high scoring tips you can follow to navigate through 2021 Board Exams.
1. Technology is there to make your life easier
As a teacher, you can supplement online teaching mode with various help books. You should not only use these help books to prepare the right practice material for students but also refer them to students so that they could hone their concepts at least until when personal mentoring is not possible. Publications like Oswaal Books send FREE Latest Updated Books to the teachers for 2021 Boards, along with useful gifts with the main objective of helping the teachers curate exam-oriented content for the students.As a teacher, you may opt for FREE Oswaal Books such as CBSE |ICSE | ISC Sample Papers & Question Banks for 2021 Board Exams Preparation. They are highly recommended by Teachers &Previous Year's CBSE toppers as well.
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Although CBSE designs its question papers according to NCERT textbooks. Even then, at times, some questions feel like they are out of syllabus but they are not. Hence, students should practice different Typologies of Questions to make sure they can solve even the most complex questions easily
Solve Every Question Type with Oswaal Question Banks
* Chapter-wise/ Topic-wise division of questions for a systematic and methodical study.
* Strictly based on the latest CBSE Curriculum for Reduced Syllabus
* Previous Years' Question Papers with Marking Scheme &Toppers' Answers for an exam- oriented study. Most Likely Question
* Latest Typologies of Questions developed by Oswaal Editorial Board.
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Keep Testing Your Yourselfwith Oswaal Sample Papers for 2021 Boards Preparation
Students should evaluate their preparations by solving CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 & 12 before exams.
* All Typologies of Questions specified by the CBSE Board included. As per the 9th Oct CBSE Release
* Answering Tips, Commonly Made Errors, Hints, and many more innovative cognitive learning tools are included to assist the students.
* All essential concepts and questions are covered, from an examination perspective.


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2. Parent - Teacher Collaboration
As much as parents trusted the teachers while sending their kids to school, teachers will have to trust the parents the same way.
Regular communication between the teachers and the parents is necessary to ascertain the needs, expectations, of the students and the technological setup required. It will also help in navigating through the year better.
For educators teaching students from classes 1st to 8th it becomes even more important to have regular sessions with the parents to make sure that the students are up-to-date and are adapting well to the shift in teaching methodology.
3. Organise weekly Self-Assessment classes
It is very important to keep the students in sync with their syllabus, self-assessments, and revision. Teachers should refer to high-quality study material such as CBSE & ICSE Sample Papers and Question Banks, Worksheets, and more to make sure that a constant check on a student's preparation is not compromised.
For the same, several publishers provide CBSE/ICSE study material for the Academic Year 2020-21. Oswaal Books' CBSE | ICSE | ISC Sample Papers & Question Banks for class 10 & 12 are updated as per the "Latest& Reduced" syllabus for Self-Assessment and practice sessions. Teachers can ask the students to solve one Sample Question Paper every day and submit the same for checking purposes. After that, common errors can be discussed in the online class to make sure mistakes are not repeated in the final examination.
4. Say hello to new teaching methods
There is a plethora of teaching methods teachers can bank upon to make learning easy and fun for students. Teachers can try different methodologies to see which works best for their class and lesson plan and which students feel comfortable with.
A mode of teaching teachers can opt for is assigning videos, lectures, and PowerPoint presentations to the students for homework and discussing the related problems and questions during the class. This not only makes the lectures engaging and interactive, but students will also enjoy home assignments as well.
5. Protect your well-being
Teaching in itself is a stressful job and takes a toll on teachers' emotional and mental well-being. Add to that the pressure of teaching in an online environment and it becomes even more worrisome for them. To adjust to the new model, prepare and deliver lesson plans and curriculum is not an easy task.
There is also the responsibility of looking after your own family and kids. It thus becomes imperative that teachers look after their well-being as well. Schools and administration also need to make sure that teachers get all the support and assistance they need.
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