Corona Warrior, Social Activist and an Inspirational Common-Man
Corona Warrior, Social Activist and an Inspirational Common-Man

Social activist Mohit Grover shines out as Corona warrior

ANI | Updated: Mar 24, 2021 18:38 IST

Gurugram, Haryana [India], March 24 (ANI/PNN): Mohit Grover aka Mohit Madanlal Grover is just 26 years old but within a short period, through his charismatic personality, he has made his presence felt in the entire city of Gurugram, which is the financial capital of Haryana. Mohit's dedication to the wellbeing of society inspires young people and they consider him their Role Model.
During the Covid-19 situation when the whole country was under lockdown, Mohit came out on the street to help the needy. He went to nearby clusters and slum areas where he not only distributed ration and raw food materials from his pocket but also fed twenty thousand families (around one lakh people) in the Gurugram during the entire lockdown. Mohit also organized free health check-up camps for the people which helped to restrict the spread of Covid-19 in these areas and increased the awareness of prevention methods also. He got praise from the local administration for his efforts also.
Not only during Covid-19 but in normal times also Mohit Grover tries his best to help people of marginal background. Till now he has organized hundreds of free health and eye check-up camps in different parts of Gurugram. He also patronized several such camps organized by other NGOs and Community Groups.
It is never easy for anyone to dedicate his life to society's welfare; it requires personal sacrifices and a lot of pain. Mohit firmly believes that a nation can become strong only when its citizens are developed. Therefore, at this young age, he has taken off the pledge to improve the living standard of a weaker society, and in his mission, he has got huge cooperation from the residents of the city. Mohit's utmost passion is to find the solution to the problems his city's residents are facing, he doesn't believe in crippling over the issues and wasting time and energy, whereas, he applies all the available resources to find out the solution and his efforts are giving fruitful results now.
In the 2019 State Assembly election, he received 48,638 votes which was the result of Mohit's untired efforts that startled his opponents also. Mohit received support from all the sections of the society, whether this is youth, ladies, senior citizens, and common men. He always tries to uplift the downtrodden section of society. Looking at his dedication, lots of young people have come forward to join him in his mission.

If people come to him seeking his cooperation, he immediately offers his support to them. At the time of the Assembly election when he decided to compete, Gurugram's youth cooperated with him fully. It is because of his big-visionary thinking, people of Gurugram liked his approach and immensely supported him.
As a young person, Mohit understands his duty towards the protection of the environment and preservation of Art and Culture. Being a resident of the NCR, Mohit is very much concerned about the environment. He tries his best to convey the message to implement the idea of cleanliness in every aspect of life, whether it is home, school, industries, offices. From time to time, he organizes plantation drives and plants saplings in different localities. Till now he has planted and distributed thousands of saplings in the city.
Mohit also has a keen interest in art and cultural activities and for the development of these, he encourages the young population by going to schools and colleges and organizing events there and inspires them to participate. He got the full support of young people in this cause.
He also organizes free citizen service centres, helps the needy students, helps in maintaining public parks, handicapped people, distribute tricycle to them and offer all kind of help to needy and poor widows. From his pocket, he has constructed several rooms in different Dharmshalas, and in schools gifted the fans, installed RO water system for clean water. He has been doing a lot of charity for society.
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