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Simply Herbal, the one-stop organic solution.
Simply Herbal, the one-stop organic solution.

Simply Herbal to launch 'Divya Himalayan' - A natural healer focussed on organic solutions

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2021 18:33 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI/SRV): Simply Herbal, one of the premium players in the healthcare supplement segment, is all set to launch its new range of product lines under the name - Divya Himalayan. Completely based on pure and organic ingredients, Simply Herbal has played a huge role in popularising the herbal healthcare supplements segment.
Simply Herbal is an Indore-based startup, which was founded in 2016. Apart from the monetary benefits, Simply Herbal has indulged in promoting and popularising the importance of organic supplements for health and the prevention of harmful artificial supplements.
Simply Herbal owns a number of brands under which they have launched an excellent range of product lines so far. The variety of brands they offer and the purposes they fulfil almost covers the entire beauty, wellness, and fitness industry. The brand Divya Himalayan is the latest addition to the Simply Herbal range of product lines.
Simply Herbal has a humongous customer base, amounting to more than 3 lakh on a global base. The pure and organic products of Simply Herbal are the answer to the artificial healthcare products that are part of this oral supplement market. Although artificial healthcare products and supplements provide quick results and are available with high personalization, the harm they might cause in the long term is unimaginable.
Healing and performance-enhancing chemicals are a part of such products, which leaves severe damage to the body of the user. The ease of manufacturing and availability of raw materials has led to the markets being dominated by these products and supplements. This is the void where brands like Simply Herbal make a solid difference. Right from the initial production stage to the packaging, zero chemicals are utilized, and the entire process is manually supervised to maintain the purity of the products.

The blend of traditional methods and the combined efforts of researchers, doctors, chemists, and scientists have resulted in a wide product range of Simply Herbal. Till now, Simply Herbal's products have shown long-lasting effectiveness with no side effects.
The founder of Simply Herbal, Yuvraj Soni, a serial entrepreneur and a qualified digital marketing expert believes in the power of nature in healing and enhancing the human body. This is one of the reasons why he insisted on building a brand that preaches the use of zero chemicals and naturally available ingredients.
His relentless passion for healthcare resulted in him making an observation about the tiresome lifestyle of the general public. This stood as one of the reasons why the products of Simply Herbal can be consumed effortlessly, without hampering your day-to-day activities.
Within five years of operation, Simply Herbal has been successful in manufacturing and serving supplements to take care of health and fitness, cure diabetes and intoxication, etc. The operations management team consists of more than 30 qualified professionals.
Apart from the aforementioned, Simply Herbal has launched a good number of products like Vegan collagen powder, vegan biotin powder, apple cider, and multivitamin gummies, etc.
To know more, visit - https://www.simplyherbal.in
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