Caption: Workshop at Delhi College of Photography (DCOP)
Caption: Workshop at Delhi College of Photography (DCOP)

Shoot Guru launches free workshops pan India

ANI | Updated: Dec 21, 2018 17:24 IST

Gurugram (Haryana)[India], Dec 21, (Newsvoir): In the spirit of National Education Day, Shoot Guru launched free workshops pan India for students who wish to learn the intricacies of film making and photography, use of professional equipment and the know-how of the field. The objective was to bridge the gap between the industry and upcoming filmmakers and photographers.
Shoot Guru, a platform for budding filmmakers and photographers provides them an opportunity to showcase their work, talent and skills through the lens. Shoot Guru, founded by Kshitij Sheetak and Kabeer Lal, like any guru, promises to teach and share its knowledge.
Through the emerging power of Instagram (, Shoot Guru has helped many enthusiasts and has provided valuable advice to them. Along with it, Shoot Guru also conducts several giveaways to encourage and motivate the budding artists.
With 10+ years of experience in the field, Kshitij wishes to give back to the community and help other enthusiasts develop their skills and become an asset to the industry. He was recently honoured by being selected as a global expert mentor for Panasonic Lumix.
In addition, he is also partnering with brands like Accsoon Tech, a leading manufacturer of Gimbals which offers products in the Indian market at affordable prices that meet the needs of professionals and amateurs both. Shoot Guru organises free workshops providing complimentary gimbal training powered by Accsoon Tech. Shoot Guru has conducted many free workshops across the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai and wishes to do the same in other parts of the country as well.
By organising these free workshops, Shoot Guru wishes to share the real knowledge about what really happens on set which is the first time for someone to be sharing this. He is working with many leading brands of the industry to introduce newer technologies to the Indian audience.
These workshops provide a platform for the budding filmmakers to learn from the on-field experience of the professional and apply the practical techniques in their work. It gives an insight into the film making and photography industry and encourages newcomers to know more about the dream that they are pursuing. Shoot Guru also runs offline courses based in Gurugram providing 100% practical exposure to its students and offers them an opportunity to produce their films with regular support and guidance. (Newsvoir)