Food Folks, the healthy solution to your cravings
Food Folks, the healthy solution to your cravings

Setwel Industries launches The Food Folks: A healthy snacking range

ANI | Updated: Oct 06, 2021 14:31 IST

New Delhi [India], October 6 (ANI/SRV Media): Setwel Industries, a pioneer in thermoplastic engineering products, enters the FMCG market with The Food Folks, a premium brand of functional superfoods.
The company comprises a team of innovators who aim to bring the best in food for all segments of society.
The Food Folks, founded in 2021, is a plant-based, sustainable food company that works towards innovative and healthy superfoods. The Food Folks is pioneering health-conscious snacking, inspired by their mantra - Eat Well Live Well.
Through the brand's e-commerce platform, The Food Folks aims to make the future of snacking healthy and tasty for their target audience. The brand focuses on crafting food that fuels both the body and soul.
Additionally, everyone at The Food Folks believes that everyone has the right to consume the same delicious, nutritious, and clean food to share with families and friends.

Jayant Kumar Dave, Founder of The Food Folks, says that the core value is caring for the community. He mentions that the company always looks for new ways to reduce environmental impact by sourcing their produce from the farms and curating their products locally to reduce the distance between farm and plate. This in turn helps in bringing customers high-quality organic food that can easily be incorporated into a regular diet, making healthy eating simple and sustainable.

The Food Folks has scaled its production to meet the growing demand in the market of the products, with a strategic sales and marketing focus aimed at major retailers in 2021. The Food Folks rollout will be phased toward reaching the retail stores across India. The products provide the benefits of organic produce as well as the nutritional values of a food supplement. The superfood consists of elements that satisfy hunger with the wholesomeness in a pack and your daily needs of nutrients.

Girish Dave, Founder and Partner, The Food Folks says, "At Food Folks, we strive to provide customers with a healthy alternative for when their cravings hit. We decided to introduce people with high immunity superfoods that satiate hunger loaded with plenty of nutrients and micronutrients which are not a part of your daily diet. Additionally, we also focus on adding taste to boring & indoor life through our product offerings. Despite the pandemic, the experienced team at The Food Folks have worked tirelessly to provide customers with the best products for a plethora of issues."
The company comprises a team of young folks that aim to raise the happiness quotient of one's mind through good food as healthy food is essential for a healthy body and sound mind. The Food Folks promise came together for a concoction that promises good health with good food. The Food Folks uncovered an array of snacking and munching delights that address the emerging challenges to health and evolving lifestyles. The Food Folks specialize in gourmet formulations with a unique blend of seeds, flavours, healthy fats and high-quality protein sources to provide customers with delicious and healthy.
Setwel Industries (ISO 9001:2008) is a Mumbai-based manufacturer of thermosetting and thermoplastic products. Setwel is owned by Jayant Kumar Dave & Girish Dave for 4 decades since its inception in 1981.
Setwel is a family-owned business and has an enviable track record in the provision of precision engineered plastic components to a wide spectrum of principal, high-tech, innovative, and vital industry sectors. Setwel continues to build on its reputation as a trusted entity that consistently delivers high-end plastic engineering products.
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