Sarah Jaffer
Sarah Jaffer

Sarah Jaffer bags a deal for 4 Songs Music Album with Crescendo Music, joins the Elite League of Mika Singh, Sukhbir, Mohit Chouhan, Lucky Ali and many more

ANI | Updated: Mar 08, 2021 14:58 IST

New Delhi [India], March 8 (ANI/SRV Media): Crescendo Music has been known as a record label for supporting unconventional, hidden talent. The record label has managed to maintain a spirit of uplifting and nurturing raw and hidden talent. Not only by supporting the artists but also by helping them make the most out of every opportunity.
Crescendo music launches artists and promotes them to move forward in the industry thoroughly on a talent basis. Recently, the label discovered a new talent, a 19-year-old Sarah Jaffer, who is an aspiring songwriter. She was introduced to Crescendo Music by Malik Gilani, Founder of Bharat Metro Digital Services, who offered to partner with Crescendo for promoting her.
Crescendo is happy to experiment and venture into different areas that can lead to a better understanding and exposure in the industry. The team believes that with the use of today's innovative technology, the audience has widened their spheres and is now open to different and unconventional music.
Sarah is a distinctive amalgamation of dedication and talent who can cross boundaries to learn more and is a student of Oberoi International School, Goregaon, Mumbai. She aims to pursue music formally over the next few years and gain more knowledge instead of jumping to commercial success. The initial idea was to record some of Sarah's tracks with the assistance of a professional composer who can take them to a new level by exposing them to a large audience.
The founder of Crescendo, Suresh Thomas says, "Music is not only about business! It is also a social responsibility that a label must undertake. It's only through taking risks and being innovative that new talents and new sounds can be discovered. Sarah Jaffer is a new kid on the block and it would be interesting to watch her career in music unfold." Suresh has been one of the contributors to the launch of prominent artists like Baba Sehgal, Alisha Chinai and many more.

Upon talking to Sarah, some of the questions that she answered seem to show that she has a firm hold over herself and has a clear vision. She has been excited about being launched by Crescendo and adds, "I am so grateful to have an opportunity to share my music on a bigger platform. I believe that music allows us to express ourselves so beautifully, especially when we are unable to find words. It is a special way of communicating and expressing thoughts." she further adds, "If art is how we decorate space, then music is how we decorate time."
She refers to the meaning of the term Crescendo by saying, "It means to have a slow increase in volume. Just like the term, I plan to keep growing and become better at art." On being asked what kind of music she wishes to pursue in the near future, she elaborates, "I like to think of myself as an R&B and jazz musician but I take inspiration from every genre. The combination of R&B and jazz pushes me to be diverse in my sound and skill set."
Sarah can make wonders in the industry with the help of Crescendo and she believes in sharing her music in a way through which everyone can resonate with it. She aims to stay true to the audience and achieve greater heights in her career and in her personal life. The kind of success that comes with being an artist is to look forward to.

Once an artist makes a mark in the industry, the journey is more colourful than ever. To achieve that kind of success the hard work and dedication required are exceptional and Sarah is extremely wilful about attaining the same. Her creative mind also believes in working hard by focusing on every step that comes along. The shoot of the album will commence after Sarah's 12 IB exams. Crescendo Music Label welcomes Sarah on board and looks forward to this growing partnership.
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