Ruby Hall Clinic - Lab Services Application
Ruby Hall Clinic - Lab Services Application

Ruby Hall Clinic launches its own Lab Services Application

ANI | Updated: Oct 14, 2021 19:18 IST

New Delhi [India], October 14 (ANI/SRV Media): A Pune-based hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic is among the premium healthcare providers in India that have effectively adopted and implemented health digitalization efficiently especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past decade, Ruby Hall Clinic has keenly concentrated on health digitalization to provide easy access to healthcare in Pune, India by developing and implementing online applications such as Ruby Hall Virtual Clinic and Ruby Hall Clinic - Lab Services. The adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic affected us all thus prompting the management to deploy a team to be creative and innovative on other ways of delivering healthcare services to patients in Pune.
Established in 1959 as a four-bedded nursing home, Ruby Hall Clinic now, with Bomi Bhote at the helm for 25 years has developed rapidly into an 800-bedded multi-specialty centre located at Dhole Patil Road, with facilities in Wanowire and Hinjawadi. The Ruby Hall Clinic management team comprises Dr. Purvez Grant the Managing Trustee, Bomi Bhote the C.E.O, Dr. Manisha Karmarkar the C.O.O, and over 1500 paramedical officials, 650-panel doctors, and 300 consultants.

The project, spearheaded by Dr. Manisha Karmarkar and her team comprising of Anand Patil & Areez Madraswalla, developed a laboratory-based application (Ruby Hall Clinic - Lab Services) to assist patients to access the large number of lab services provided by Ruby Hall Clinic. This kind of technology is the need of the hour and Ruby Hall Clinic has always excelled at being a first in most of the medical fields.
The mobile application is highly beneficial to patients especially during the Covid-19 pandemic as it reduces the exposure of patients to the disease since no or minimal movement is involved. Secondly, the application is helping patients save the high cost incurred in traveling to the hospital and the time taken to cue for laboratory services. Lastly, implementation of the Ruby Hall Clinic-Lab Services application has enhanced marketing and creating awareness on over 700 laboratory services provided by Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune.

The Ruby Hall Clinic - Lab Services mobile application has five outstanding features that make it the best healthcare lab service application. First, the application is easy to access and use. Users or patients in India can easily download and install the application from the Google Play store or the Apple store using android or Apple devices.
This makes the application accessible to many users. In addition, the application is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge hence most of the patients can use the application. Secondly, the application has three simple booking steps for users or patients where they register and enter their details, select the type of laboratory test required to be done and book the laboratory test which involves booking for door pick-up from their homes. The application user can also select the relevant package for the lab tests and pay through the application. Receipts are sent after payment.
Thirdly, the Ruby Hall Clinic- lab services application highlights over 700 laboratory services provided by the Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. This creates awareness to the local people and users of the application will be aware of the lab services available at Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune. The application has health specialists tracking feature that enables the patient to track health specialists available in the Ruby Hall Clinic system for easy access to healthcare. Lastly, the manage booking feature on the application enables the users to easily manage various laboratory bookings.
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