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Rethink HR Annual Conclave 2022 - 2nd Edition
Rethink HR Annual Conclave 2022 - 2nd Edition

Rewriting, Redesigning & Reinventing the future of HR: ReThink HR Conclave a change maker

ANI | Updated: Mar 17, 2022 13:31 IST

New Delhi [India], March 17 (ANI/SRV): Organizations have been rethinking and simplifying their operations, owing to various factors and human resources is no exception.
HR Leaders are now reshaping their HR functions in order to aid more connection, flexibility or by simply understanding the need of their workforce and mapping the talent requirements as per the company needs.
The 2nd Annual ReThink HR Conclave 2022 hosted by Sapphire Connect discussed exactly on how the HR Leaders are staying abreast and as they prepare themselves for the future of work by adapting to the ever-evolving new realities. This conclave was held at Hotel Sahara in Mumbai and witnessed 30+ speakers, 120+ HR Leaders in person and in addition 2000+ HR professionals who joined us virtually.
Speaking at the conclave we had Navnidh Kochar Karaka, Head HR - Global Corporate Security, Reliance Industries, who simply devised the role of HR leader as she said, "The definition of leadership has changed over a period of time. We no more require leaders who are very stern, we require leaders of high level of empathy, high level of resilience and to my mind an excellent uptake on the learning agility."
Training is an essential part of operational agility and employee development is often associated with upskilling or cross-training. Highlighting the need of cross-training and upskilling Sandeep Batra, Partner, Sapphire Human Solutions said, "Today cross training is becoming a key area as we look at frugality, as we look at organizations really wanting to scale down on the spends and make them more frugal and more productive. Cross training and upskilling are one area which is really becoming the norm and the way forward in career at any given point in time."
Today, we hear a lot about employee experience, and we have seen organizations undertaking various strategies as they enable people and organizations to be their best by simply creating great employee experiences in the workplace eventually leading to great customer experience.

Talking about employee experience, Minakshi Samant, Executive Director, Human Resources, Ingram Micro, said, "The first E of employee is emotions and if your able to touch that emotion at which ever stage of the career the employee is then the engagement will happen. Before the engagement the experience is so important right from the beginning of when you approach the candidate to the onboarding." Employee wellbeing in other words is basically enabling employee experience at work from a holistic view. Looking at employee wellbeing at workplace is important to reduce work related stress or instituting incentives for healthy living. Nivedita Nanda, CHRO, Kaya India amplified on the strategies undertaken by her organization, she said, "The workplace and the workspace has been transforming towards a collective wellbeing. We started an initiative titled Health Assessment and Lifestyle Enrichment (HALE) basically a proactive approach to know the people mental wellbeing."
The conclave also focused on the role of HR and D&I and their partnership for success. Reena Wahi, VP - HR, Tata Realty said, "When we talk about diversity and inclusion today, we are only thinking about women and not about diverse set of people coming and joining the organization and how do we make it inclusive. Whether it is a religious diversity, whether it is an ethnic diversity, whether it is to do with the location and regions people are coming from or even about transgender diversity. That is one of the areas I think we really need to consciously now start thinking in as we talk about gig economy and have been drawing a lot of talent that comes from totally different diverse background."

The conclave also organized Speed Connect an exclusive one-of-its-kind opportunity for recruitment agencies and academic institutions who had the chance to meet from an extensive list of employment partner. The Speed Connect witnessed around 50+ Employment Partner, 75+ Recruitment Agencies and 50+ Academic Partners with 90+ MOU's signed at the event.
Vipin Jog, Assistant Director - Corporate Resource Center (CRC), Amity University, Mumbai who attended as an Academic Partner said, "We are proud to sign multiple MOU's at the conclave. This MOU's provided us placements, internships, MDP, and allied industry-academia opportunities for the growth and development of student's career at Amity University, Mumbai. This collaboration will also help both partners in sharing expertise through management development and research programs."
Talking about the ReThink HR Conclave, Rishi Kapoor, Business Head & Associate Partner, Sapphire Connect said, "The winds of change should be the harbinger of a new dawn; as technology takes over the traditional landscape, organizations are needed to be quick in order to adapt to evolving change. We at Sapphire Connect believe that, yes, there will always be uncertainty lurking in the future for HR transformation, but an initiative such as ReThink HR Conclave encourages HR leaders in taking this uncertainty as key of opportunity to wade through the era of change."
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