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Eduminatti, one of the leading ed-tech portals in India
Eduminatti, one of the leading ed-tech portals in India

Reckoning Major Developments, Ed-Tech Startup Eduminatti Eyes Pan-India and Global Expansion

ANI | Updated: Mar 21, 2022 16:51 IST

New Delhi [India], March 21 (ANI/SRV): After a transformative stance of taking the entire school admission process online, professional courses and global expansion seem to be the next step in Eduminatti's cards.
In the next phase, the company aspires to enlist universities from Europe, Canada, Australia and USA on its portal and provide professional course help to the prospects. Following a successful run with school listings, Eduminatti seeks to expand its services to professional courses.
Estimating favorable returns through its next venture, Eduminatti also seeks global expansion in the near future through collaborations. The firm is currently working in collaboration with Jain International School, Bangalore, Ecole Globale International Girls School, Dehradun and a few other well-known schools in India.
A sudden flare of online Ed-tech firms caused the education sector to participate in a prominent historical revolution. As per the research done by the international schools in India, the shift from the offline learning environment to the digitization of classes was one such notable transformation.
COVID- 19 affected all the students worldwide, provoking the Ed-tech giants to induce ways to make education convenient and accessible for scholars worldwide. Taking a lead in this stride, Eduminatti- an Ed-tech firm based in Dehradun, has emerged as a torchbearer, paving the way towards innovation and strategic market excellence. The firm saw tremendous growth over the past year by amassing students, parents, and educators under a common portal.
Eduminatti commenced as an austere school listing website which rapidly progressed to become an all-in-one complete admission assistant. Presently Eduminatti has enlisted more than 25,000 schools with independent reviews and expert comments, proving to be a massive help for the users. Supposedly, you are looking for boarding schools in India, it will take you just a few clicks to get complete information about the best boarding schools in the country.
Eduminatti has also collaborated with the top institutes and educational experts across the country. The platform also has various inbuilt features like EMI Calculator, Compare Schools, Common Application, and Expert Counseling, designed specifically for the parents to ease their child's admission process.

One of the most striking features on this platform include the Common Application Portal that helps the parents and users to apply for admission in multiple schools. This AI-based application is capable of scheduling, updating admission status, and suggesting schools as per the user's requirements.The users who secure admission through Eduminatti's services also receive a laptop/ tab with various in-built applications.

Inventing Pandemic Pedagogy
Pandemic pedagogy opened doors to the vast ocean of online education which eventually became one of the most sought-after sectors attracting big investors. Ed-Tech Giants like Byjus, Unacademy, Vedantu, etc were major players who saw a massive rise in their valuation during the pandemic.
How Eduminatti stands out from other Ed-tech giants
Eduminatti with its unique features has caught the attention of the market and has materialized to be a reassuring and flourishing startup. It has created an immersive and engaging online environment that tends to make school search a cakewalk for its users. With a string of dynamic features, Eduminatti allows its users to assess schools and their facilities on various parameters. The expert panel on dispense for the users to obtain career counselling has been a massive success with the user base. Eduminatti has more than 25,000 schools enlisted on its portal belonging to all the major cities across the country.

Positive Feedback Motivating Further Developments
Jyoti Gupta, who just shifted to Bangalore due to her father's CISF transfer notice, found Eduminatti to be a lifesaver. "It is very convenient to be able to see the various features of the school side by side. It helped me a lot in selecting a school as per my preferences. The expert counselling section is just perfect! I find it amazing that I was able to get into a great school in such a small amount of time without any hassle."
"Eduminatti has certainly made the complex process of school search easier, especially for new parents," says Rashi, mother of Reyasnsh. "The best part of the whole ordeal was that everything was done online!" she further added.
The reactions and feedback from the users have encouraged the firm to extend its services. It envisions expanding its reach to the colleges offering professional courses to the students. It is also in talks with the top international universities for collaborations and scholarships.
The strategy that Eduminatti has adopted to gain muscle is focusing on the admission needs of the students and parents. Defying the prevailing market fads, Eduminatti brings something different on the platter. The projections hold good for the firm as top investors are eyeing to auspice the venture estimating tremendous potential.
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