Megha Swetha Mohanbabu and Heera Sruthika Mohanbabu the second generation entrepreneurs of GMN Group launched  Pro360 three years ago
Megha Swetha Mohanbabu and Heera Sruthika Mohanbabu the second generation entrepreneurs of GMN Group launched Pro360 three years ago

Protein powder's gaining popularity: Nutraceutical brand Pro360 heads the race

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2021 12:51 IST

New Delhi [India], November 24 (ANI/SRV): GMN Group of Company's first nutraceutical brand named Pro360 has recently launched collagen protein supplement range - Pro360 Vegan Collagen and Pro360 Marine Collagen - formulated to support the body's own collagen production.
The Pro360 Vegan Collagen range has been specially designed for vegan lovers and developed using plant-based collagen peptides in the most natural and purest form that is easily recognized by the body. On the other hand, Pro360 Marine Collagen fortified from fish is the superhero of collagens that helps in maintaining the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, gums, eyes, and nails. Collagens are the most abundant protein in the human body.
The brand brings more than 30 different products that provide the protein needs for most of the health conditions prioritized by Indian consumers. Pro360 focuses on addressing the need for daily nutrition and catering to needs from gestation to geriatric consumers.
Rising health awareness and body consciousness have re-emphasized the requirement of protein and nutrition supplements in our day-to-day needs and Pro360 is building supplements for unmet protein demands. The GMN Group of Companies is a known name with over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Megha Swetha, CEO, GMN Healthcare said, "The aim of our company is to ensure India could rely on an Indian-owned company for all its nutritional needs. Our Pro360 Protein Powder is clinically tested, doesn't contain any harmful ingredients. All our products are perfectly designed to address the unmet protein needs of consumers. Protein powders are generally recognized as safe, although some may experience digestive side effects."

3 years back, Megha Swetha Mohanbabu and Heera Sruthika Mohanbabu the second generation entrepreneurs of GMN Group launched Pro360 under the organization GMN Healthcare Private Limited. Along with the age-old experience of Mr. Mohanbabu and the innovation and futuristic ideas of Megha and Heera, Pro360 has developed a wide range of products with the help of an in-house manufacturing set-up, giving them an edge on the pricing front of the products.
Heera Sruthika, Director, GMN Healthcare said, "Our products have been created prioritizing the needs of Indian consumers and more products are in the line up to satisfy the young consumers with beauty based protein, especially for vegetarians. Further, Pro360 Diabetic, a protein supplement to manage diabetes is gaining popularity among diabetic patients as they feel, Pro360 meets their protein requirements to stay active throughout the day."
Keeping in mind young consumers' commitment to fitness and beauty, Pro360 has curated skin and hair care protein that provides positive results, thereby gaining the acceptance of protein supplements in the beauty industry. For fitness-conscious consumers, the weight management supplements are supported by young gym goers that are ideal for both weight loss and weight gain.
Although there are several misconceptions about protein powder, many research studies have investigated its safety and effectiveness and they found that it's safe and does not pose any risk, even if consumed in large amounts.
However, before purchasing a protein, it is advised to read the label carefully to avoid unwanted ingredients. In addition to the ingredients list, a product label will give full information about the product, such as whether it's vegan or gluten-free.
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