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Physiotattva's Hydrotherapy: A game changer for lower back pain management
Physiotattva's Hydrotherapy: A game changer for lower back pain management

Physiotattva's Hydrotherapy: A game changer for lower back pain management

ANI | Updated: Nov 01, 2022 16:51 IST

New Delhi [India], November 1 (ANI/YourPressBuddy): Pain imposes tremendous costs on society because it reduces productivity and lower back pain is one of the common concerns that affect most people at some point in their lives.
It's also a common reason for people to seek medical attention.
In 2021, Physiotattva began offering a series of noninvasive therapies meant to help patients alleviate pain. For instance, consider the procedure of Hydrotherapy to reduce lower back pain. Hydrotherapy can be a restorative alternative to land-based exercise programs for people with lower back pain.
Water therapy offers numerous benefits due to its physical properties, including buoyancy and viscosity. These physical properties decrease the stress placed on your spine by providing a form of hydrostatic pressure in which increased blood flow causes you to float effortlessly.
Water therapy eases muscle strain by providing a supportive setting of warm water in which patients can move slowly to regain strength in their strained muscles. Hydrotherapy can help patients regain mobility and even gain strength following an injury.
Muscle weakness or atrophy is a side effect of chronic pain that can be helped by using the resistance offered in water to train those muscles gradually. The water is usually kept at a pleasant 32-28 degrees Celsius at Physiotattva's temperature-controlled pools. The warm temperature helps increase blood flow and range of motion when patients are submerged in the pool. Muscle elasticity can also be increased, benefiting those experiencing muscle stiffness.
Physiotattva also offers paediatric Hydrotherapy in orthopaedic and neurological treatments and postoperative care to enhance function and the quality of life. In the supportive environment of Physiotattva, children can monitor and emulate physical actions to facilitate development.

Physiotattva provides Hydrotherapy for cardiovascular and pulmonary concerns to improve these conditions. Because of water's buoyancy, less intense cardiovascular exercise is required, and the heart can therefore be gradually loaded while recovery occurs more quickly than on land.

Besides pediatric, cardiovascular, and pulmonary Hydrotherapy, Physiotattva also specializes in providing Hydrotherapy for Neurological and Musculoskeletal conditions.
Water at the right temperature and pressure can block nociceptors by acting on thermal receptors and mechanoreceptors, helping to reduce pain in the segmental spinal mechanisms. Aquatic exercise programs at Physiotattva can help improve a person's endurance, lower the frequency of muscle spasms, and ease discomfort associated with motion disorders.
Physiotattva recognizes that healthcare can be improved through a balanced approach combining technology, manual therapy, and a holistic approach. The primary concept is to pave the way for healing with a holistic approach, including assessing physical, psychological, and social factors that may cause or exacerbate a patient's condition.
Physiotattva takes excellent care in planning a patient's entire rehabilitation course, ensuring they get everything they need without returning for the same problems.
"Our goal is to ensure effective and accelerated recovery experiences for everyone who walks through our doors. It is something we actively work towards each day and our foray into Hydrotherapy is a testament to that," explains Dr Anup Brahmbhatt (PT), co-founder of Physiotattva
Physiotattva is an advanced physiotherapy clinic founded by Dr Anup Brahmbhatt (PT) and Sandesh Cadabam, who have been leading figures in the Indian rehabilitation space for many years. The company's core team is also augmented by the psychological expertise of psychologist Neha Cadabam to ensure that the psychological facets of pain management are addressed.
So, what is next on Physiotattva's agenda?
Physiotattva is dedicated to providing patients with the equipment and guidance they need to enhance their quality of life--so they can live pain-free.
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