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Physiotattva partners with BTL to create best in class physiotherapy system
Physiotattva partners with BTL to create best in class physiotherapy system

Physiotattva partners with BTL to create best in class physiotherapy system

ANI | Updated: Aug 24, 2022 16:06 IST

New Delhi [India], August 24 (ANI/YourPressBuddy): Pain is the leading cause of disability. According to the World Health Organization, one in every three people worldwide suffers from pain. Pain has a significant economic impact because it is a major cause of lost productivity. Acute pain is a common symptom of most chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and arthritis.
PhysioTattva, a chain of physiotherapy clinics founded in 2021, aims to provide the greater masses a respite from "pain" through non-invasive procedures and physiotherapy. For example, consider the procedure for palliative care and biomechanical changes in the spine. Our spine is loaded due to mechanical stress, resulting in degenerative changes. The spinal correction exercise program at PhysioTattva primarily focuses on core stability and joint mobilization, range of motion enhancement, and muscle strength improvement.
Recently, Physiotattva has partnered with BTL, one of India's leading suppliers of pain relief equipment, to create a best-in-class pain management system for their customers.
With BTL's advanced rehabilitation pain relieving equipment, which focuses on various pain pathways such as pain gate, opioid theory, and nociceptors, PhysioTattva can provide pain relief and improve quality of life.
Recognized for its innovative aesthetic solutions, BTL Global has mastered the research and development of some of the most iconic orthopedic devices on the market. Over three decades, BTL has addressed the regenerative and therapeutic needs of millions of people by providing solutions for treatments like musculoskeletal disorders and neuromuscular pathologies. The solutions encourage blood flow to damaged tissues and muscles, aiding in the regeneration of nerves.
Physiottatva has found that its clients quickly gain relief from their pain, thanks to BTL's advanced equipment. They are also in the process of trying BTL's other innovations around muscle relaxation and strengthening.
Happy patients contribute to an effective rehabilitation protocol, which helps establish a trustworthy relationship with the patients! The company's vision is to develop a chain of about a hundred centers, be present in at least two countries, and operate in about 5 states alongside 15 cities by 2025.
PhysioTattva believes that there is no better way to relieve pain, promote healing and improve overall well-being than through a holistic approach apart from just involving machines or manual therapy. The idea is to identify and understand the root cause of pain and ensure full recovery of the patient using a 360-degree approach, including osteopathy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychological aid, and so on. PhysioTattva emphasizes planning their patients' care program and ergonomics so that the patients receive an all-encompassing recovery and don't have to reach out for the same problems.

Physiotattva was founded by leading physiotherapists Dr Anup Brahmbhatt and Sandesh Cadabam (Director of Cadabams Group- a leading player in the mental health and rehabilitation space).
The company also has the added expertise of psychologist Neha Cadabam on its core team to ensure that the psychological aspects of pain are adequately managed. The core team also includes a sports radiologist, Dr. Shreyas Cadabam, who extensively works on the ultrasound-guided procedure to produce specific imaging around the muscular skeleton for appropriate diagnosis.
So, what's next for PhysioTattva?
The partnership between Cadabams-Brahmbhatt's Physiotattva and BTL is expected to be a game changer in the Physical therapy and Rehabilitation industry. The collaboration seeks to give patients the means with which they can improve their quality of life--allowing them a pain-free existence. "Our collaboration with BTL has helped us improve our services considerably. We envision a future where we are able to find more areas of partnership with BTL, all of which will help us create better outcomes for our patients" says Sandesh Cadabam, Co-founder of Physiotattva.
As per Dr Anup Brahmabhatt, " BTL's pain relieving equipment has been of great help in improving recovery amongst our clients. It not only offers symptomatic relief, but also plays its part in our vision to offer holistic recovery experiences."
Contact for PhysioTattva:
Sandesh Cadabam
Mobile: + 91 89510 47001
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