[New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22] Competency-Based Questions for Class 10 & 12
[New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22] Competency-Based Questions for Class 10 & 12

[New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22] Competency-Based Questions for Class 10 & 12: How to kickstart preparations?

ANI | Updated: Jun 16, 2021 18:06 IST

New Delhi [India], June 16 (ANI/Oswaal Books): CBSE Board Exams 2021 are cancelled amidst the 2nd wave of Coronavirus in India. Teachers and professionals, however, are advising the students to stay focused on their studies and start preparing for the 2022 examinations beforehand.
This will give them ample time to practice and excel in their subjects.
Under the same idea, Oswaal Books has launched its CBSE Question Bank 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12 with the new CBSE syllabus 2021-22. This book has been a success when it comes to extensive study plans for students.
The updated edition of these CBSE Question Banks 2021-22 comprises innovative tools to study, self-assessment test papers, solved question papers, and topper's answer sheets. The whole idea is to encourage a thorough study plan with adequate emphasis on competency-based questions.
As per the latest CBSE curriculum released on 31st March 2021, there will be Visual Case-based questions in the board exams, concentrating on competency-based learning. This will assist in gathering adequate knowledge and also learning the application skills.
What are the best features of Oswaal CBSE Question Bank 2022?
To make it viable for students, these CBSE Question Bank 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12 is available in both e-book and print formats. Here are all the features that make this book a significant resource-
Newly Introduced Competency-Based Questions
As per the recent guidelines of CBSE, competency-based questions are being introduced to replace the existing rote-learning approach. This will prepare the students for future competitions as well. This question bank includes visual case-based questions, concentrating on the new updates. Objective Questions, Very Short Answers, Short Answers, Long Answers & Visual Case-based/Passage based Questions, are some of the primary examples of competency-based questions. Moreover, there are Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), case-based questions and source-based integrated questions to help the students undergo an intelligent preparation process.

Here's the recommended link for CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10: https://bit.ly/3iJWCt8 & Class 12: https://bit.ly/3zlKPqK
Previous Years' Solved Question Papers and Topper's Answer Sheets
Oswaal CBSE Question Bank 2022 consists of the previous year's solved question papers and topper's handwritten answer sheets. When you are preparing for board exams, it is very important to know these things- what to study, how to study, from where to study, and what is the right way to answer the questions. Analyzing topper's answer sheets will help the students understand and learn the best way to answer questions.
Besides that, solved question papers help in familiarizing with the paper pattern and basic requirements to score excellent marks.
New-age Tools to Study
In today's modern world, where everything is developing, our traditional ways of studying also need a revamp. This is why experts and professionals at Oswaal have come up with new-age tools to study and learn innovatively.
Oswaal CBSE Question Bank contains Mind Maps, Mnemonics (learning tricks to aid information retention or retrieval), and an in-depth analysis of every concept. Every chapter in this book has a unique QR code that brings the reader straight to the concept video to encourage proper learning.

Tests for Self-Assessment
There are chapter-wise Self-Assessment Tests to assist students in practicing, detecting mistakes, and correcting them. It contains crucial test questions that are most likely to appear on the exam. Solving self-assessment tests will also develop confidence and improve student's answering skills.
10 Reasons To Invest in CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22 Examinations
Here are 10 important reasons why you should get your hands on the new Oswaal CBSE Question Bank for the 2022 examinations. You will:
* Learn all typologies of questions, crucial to every student appearing in board exams
* Learn application and skill centric competency-based questions
* Incorporate hybrid learning techniques such as concept videos and mind maps
* Be able to practice longer retention with Mnemonics
* Be able to identify and rectify common errors to avoid them in final exams
* Get access to a one-stop resource for exam preparation
* Be able to prepare revision notes easily
* Be able to learn the right way of answering questions in the final exam
* Be able to stay updated with the CBSE's latest curriculum
* Score excellent marks
Time is of the essence when it comes to board exam preparation. Students will benefit from Oswaal's CBSE Question Banks 2021 -22 for Class 10 & 12, which are being made available ahead of time, by obtaining plenty of practice and sharpening their exam preparation method, helping them to be ahead of their peers. By gaining a head start on your classmates early on, you may be able to gain an advantage over them.
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