Makeup artist Dikshi
Makeup artist Dikshi

Meet the young and talented makeup artist Dikshi, making a mark internationally

ANI | Updated: Feb 04, 2021 15:10 IST

New Delhi [India], February 4 (ANI/ThePRTree): Have you ever wondered about the creative mind and the confident and efficient hand responsible for creating an actor/model's appearance - while you admired them watching your favorite TV serial or browsing through magazines? Did you ever pause and thought- who makes a bride look perfect on her wedding day? The hand instilling beauty and attraction that beheld your eye belongs to no magician but to a Makeup Artist.
"Makeup is primarily and singularly perceived as an enhancement of someone's beauty - a product of fashion, but I believe it's also a manifestation of self-expression and individuality - which goes beyond the confinements of age or gender. It's a form of art and science - it's a piece of one's imagination and creativity, a morsel of an artist's soul which he/she gifts to a muse," said Dikshi Verma, a well-established and renowned name in the beauty and makeup industry.
Having worked on films, TV shows, fashion and high-fashion shoots with some of the best photographers in business, and having done various bridal and ceremonial makeups, Dikshi holds a diverse portfolio with an enriched and extensive experience of working on Indian and international skin types, tones and features.
The young and aspirational makeup artist has already carved a niche for herself in the industry. Her work has bagged her several accolades and has also been published in various international beauty and fashion magazines which include Demode, Imirage, Edith, Malvie, Faddy and Eclair. She worked as a makeup artist for the featured film "the Pickup Artist" which has been critically acclaimed at various international film festivals and was released at various PVR's in India. She has also been the makeup artist for a TV show for Tata sky and web videos for a prestigious travel magazine.

Dikshi was always attracted towards the world of makeup artistry since her early college days. She always had a knack for sketching and painting, an eye for colours. A masters in business administration, a NET qualified personnel and an Economics graduate, she was courageous to undertake a paradigm shift from academics and embarked on a journey to follow her passion for creativity and art in 2015.
She moved to Mumbai from Delhi to study and start her initial training as a makeup artist with the celebrity makeup artist Nahush Pise and was fortunate enough to assist him in assignments like Coldplay's music video "hymn for the weekend" and TVC for TVS motors. Furthermore, she went on to specialise in high fashion and photographic makeup and was trained by some of the very best professional and celebrity makeup artists of Hollywood in Los Angeles, United States.
Dikshi has always believed in breaking barriers and her phenomenal body-art work on male models propagates the idea of makeup for men and guy beauty. With an updated and refreshed knowledge of the latest techniques, styles and trends, she brings a breath of fresh air to the conventional contours of beauty and makeup art industry.
The journey of following an unconventional career path was not easy for Dikshi but she believes in the power of dreams and she says that the patience and passion to reach out for the stars gives you the strength to turn your dreams into reality.
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