CBSE Class 10 & 12 MCQs Sample Paper Term 1 | Board Exams 2021-22
CBSE Class 10 & 12 MCQs Sample Paper Term 1 | Board Exams 2021-22

(MCQs Term 1 Boards) 10 th 12 th Exam Practice Sample Paper Series Released Today, along with CBSE Datesheet Update

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2021 22:35 IST

New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI/Oswaal Books): With the Term1 board exams for class 10th and 12th approaching nearby, every student is feeling anxious in one way or the other. Term 1 board exams are starting from 15th November 2021, and only a few weeks are left for top-notch preparation. Students need to prepare according to the latest pattern of CBSE Sample Papers, which were released on 2nd September 2021.
With these new guidelines, it is crystal clear that students need to answer 40-50 questions within the time frame of 90 minutes which is a bit of a challenging task.
CBSE Class 10 th & 12 th Date Sheet 2021 (Term 1) 2021-2022 or CBSE Time Table 2021-2022 for Class 10 th & 12th board exam 2021-2022 is to be announced soon by the board, may be by mid-Oct. Even though many students don't have the privilege of quality teaching and are not able to attend the classes in an offline fashion, there have been two important announcements that have been made today.
They specifically target the class 10th and class 12th students who will be appearing for the term1 exams in the coming November. Firstly, just like the CBSE has uploaded the Question Bank on their official website for the Board Exams, now the Practice Book of sample papers for each subject for the students of CBSE Class 10th and 12th has been made available. It will comprise OMR sheets that will help the students to know the process of filling the OMR sheets and get familiar with them.
Secondly, they have introduced the Time Management Chart that will help the students
to bifurcate their time and analyse how to devote time to each section just within 90
minutes. To have in-depth knowledge about these updates, keep on reading further and
get familiar with these updates to boost up your preparation strategy.

1. MCQ Sample Paper Release (Why It's Score Booster & A Big Update?)

The CBSE MCQ Class 10 & 12 Sample Paper Exam Series For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22 is designed with the assistance of the highly qualified teachers of Kendriya Vidyalaya and the CBSE Experts at Oswaal, comprising of all the subjects for class 10th as well as class 12th students. Some of the key offerings of this book are:
* These books offer you with the exam targeted 5 solved papers. With this, you will
get the opportunity to solve a pool of questions that will ultimately help them on
the day of the exam.
* You will even encounter 5 self-assessment papers for 10 th and 10 self-assessment
papers for 12th that will help you to understand your weak points and you can
work upon them within the remaining time frame. This will help you study that
topic where you are lacking.
* You will witness all the latest typologies of the MCQs
* OMR sheets will be provided after every sample paper
* With this book, you will even encounter the mind maps and chapter-wise
important pointers so that you can easily attempt any MCQ
* You will witness the Academically Important Questions for the board exams
* You can even scan the QR code with the book for detailed study
* Includes Cognitive Learning Tools (Mnemonics For Quick Learning, Mind maps
For Correlated Studies), Blended Learning Via Concept Videos
* Includes MCQs Questions From Boards Official Question Banks
* Most Likely MCQs Reframed From Top Weightage Question of (NCERT,
NCERT Exemplars & Previous Years Solved Papers
All these features hand-in-hand make this a must-have book for the preparation for the
upcoming Term1 board exams.

Here's the recommended link for CBSE MCQ Sample Paper Class 10 Exam Series For 2021-
22 Term 1 Board Exams On Website: & On Amazon:
Here's the recommended link for CBSE MCQ Sample Paper Class 12 Exam Series For 2021-
22 Term 1 Board Exams: On Website: & On Amazon:

Moreover, these are the only books that have been designed according to the latest guidelines
and patterns for board exams. Besides this book, you need to thoroughly prepare the NCERT
and Exemplars for succeeding in your exams.
2. Time Management Chart

You will find the time management chart as one of the most important updates for CBSE board exams. Some of the important key points that you can take from the time management chart are as follows:

*Students should devote not more than 3-4 minutes to a particular MCQ question while
attempting their board exam
*A complete section-wise breakdown is provided so that students can precisely
complete the section without any problem
*Fill the OMR sheet in the revision time i.e., at the end, so that one can change the
answer if one wishes so
These charts are designed by the KVS experts and you can easily find them in the Oswaal
Sample Paper practice books for term 1 for class 10th and 12th.

3. Important Do's and Don't

For excelling in term 1 board exams, make sure that you choose your study environment properly for the preparation and don't go for an environment where you will be distracted. Always be sure about the best resources that you need to follow for your preparation, and don't only rely upon the classes and online lectures. Make sure that you develop an achievable study schedule that you can follow religiously and not the one that you can't even follow. Also, manage your time properly and don't start study at the last minute for better results. You should keep your old test and quizzes handy for better preparation and stop being over-confident because it won't land you anywhere. While studying, take proper care of yourself and stop overlooking your health. These are some of the key points that you should keep in your mind for your board exams and stay self-motivated for better outcomes.
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