MCQs Class 12 Chemistry for Term 1 Boards: Score booster tips, key take-aways from sample paper
MCQs Class 12 Chemistry for Term 1 Boards: Score booster tips, key take-aways from sample paper

MCQs Class 12 Chemistry for Term 1 Boards: Score booster tips, key take-aways from sample paper

ANI | Updated: Sep 23, 2021 13:26 IST

New Delhi [India], September 23 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Chemistry is one of the most interesting subjects in the entire science spectrum. Closely related to our day-to-day life, the magic of Chemistry can be witnessed from classroom to real life.
However, many students still face exam anxiety for Chemistry.
With just a few months left for the Term 1 examinations, you can follow the below mentioned score booster tips to score maximum in the examinations.
1. Creating a winning exam strategy
The first step towards securing high marks is creating a winning exam strategy. A winning exam strategy takes into account the syllabus, unit wise weightage, your personal strengths and weaknesses.
To create a winning exam strategy, map out the syllabus fully, along with the unit wise weightage and chart out the number of days in which you can comfortably complete the syllabus, including time for revision. Your strategy should incorporate hours of learning, time of learning and leave enough time for revision.
The Chemistry syllabus is divided into 3 parts: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. In Term 1, the maximum weightage is for organic chemistry followed by the other topics.
The unit wise weightage is as follows: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Biomolecules have a weightage of 15 marks, followed by Solid State, and Solutions and p-Block Elements which have a weightage of 10 marks each.
Students need to identify what are their strengths and weaknesses. If organic chemistry is your weakness, then you need to devote a lot of time to ensure that you prepare for organic chemistry topics well. Almost 15 marks are allotted to organic chemistry and to score well, you need to be conversant with reactions, reagents and formulae.
Solid state and solutions require conceptual clarity and p-block elements requires rigorous practice.
2. Syllabus coverage + revision
It is important that students not only complete the syllabus but also keep aside enough time for revision. Students should refer to the NCERT books for checking and completing the syllabus. MCQ examinations can be quite comprehensive and test students' understanding from any part of the syllabus. Hence, syllabus completion is a must.
Revision of concepts ensures reinforcement. Revision ensures students have enough retention at the time of examination.
3. Know Chapter-wise Topic-wise Weightage & Prepare With MCQ Question Bank
Here's the mark weightage for CBSE MCQs Based Chemistry Board Exams For Term 1 2021-22:-
Solid State, Solutions Comprises Of 10 Marks; p-Block Elements Comprises Of 10 Marks; Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers, Biomolecules Comprises Of 15 Marks. So overall 12th Chemistry External Term 1 Board Exam for Chemistry Comprised Of 35 Marks.

The key to cracking an MCQ examination is rigorous practice. As per the revised assessment guidelines, this time, the entire question paper will be MCQ based. Hence it is essential to not only to have subject knowledge, but also knowledge about how to attempt MCQ questions. MCQs have a number of answering strategies such as elimination, best fit, most probable and so on, and students need to be aware of these strategies.

The Best Seller, Chapter-wise Topic-wise Oswaal CBSE MCQs Question Bank Class 12 Chemistry For Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22, provides the largest MCQs question pool for MCQ based Term 1 board examinations. It also contains MCQs based on new typologies introduced by the board such as stand- alone MCQs, MCQs based on assertion-reason and case-based MCQs. It includes revision notes, cognitive exam preparation tools (mind maps, mnemonics to get concept ready), along with video-based hybrid learning edition. It also includes questions from CBSE official question bank released in April 2021, giving students ample opportunities to practice and learn.
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3. Create notes
For securing high scores in Chemistry, students need to be fully conversant with reactions, IUPAC naming of compounds, use of reagents. They also need to be familiar with all the name reactions such as Williamson, Wolff-Kishner, Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky, Clemmensen Reduction. Students must also be able to recall with periodic table and know the properties of p-Block, d-Block and f-Block element. To enable them top-of-mind recall for all this, it is important that students take notes and create a handy reference for all reactions, reagents and periodic table summaries.
4. MCQs Questions Likely To Get Reframed From Previous years question papers
Solving the previous years' question papers gives students the visibility into most frequently asked questions and the understanding of the relative importance of questions. In MCQs based Chemistry Term 1 Board Exams For Class 12, MCQs questions are likely to get reframed from previous years solved papers, NCERT Questions, NCERT Exemplar.
Practicing question papers will help you to track your preparation level, and analyse where you are going wrong. It will also help you to address learning gaps, conceptual misalignments and overall boost up your preparation.
5. Decode The Exam Pattern
Solving CBSE sample papers is very important this year as the examination pattern has completely changed. Solving CBSE sample papers will give students the visibility into what is the examination structure, pattern, and marking scheme.
Oswaal CBSE MCQs Sample Question Paper Class 12 ChemistryFor Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22 has a veritable universe of all sample papers, featuring around 15 sample papers. Practicing with sample papers from CBSE will enable students to learn, correct and align their learning to a more exam-oriented preparation. It includes cognitive & blended learning exam tools to get concept ready & improve your memorization.

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The key to getting high scores in Term 1 examination is a mix of discipline, the right resources and the right examination strategy. With the above pointers in mind, anyone can architect a high scoring strategy in the upcoming examinations.
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