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Make My Baby Genius School founded by Sangaraju Bhaskara Raju
Make My Baby Genius School founded by Sangaraju Bhaskara Raju

Make My Baby Genius School completes 8 years in the education industry

ANI | Updated: Aug 13, 2022 12:57 IST

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI/SRV): Make My Baby Genius School successfully completes 8 years of crafting young minds in the education industry. Educating young minds and developing students with strong moral characters for years, the institute focuses on good handwriting and assures improvement in the performance of all of its students.
While products in the market come with a warranty and guarantee, education institutes do not always guarantee the success of their enrolled students. Make My Baby Genius School believes in valuing the time, money and energy invested by its students and their parents.
Founded by Sangaraju Bhaskara Raju, Make My Baby Genius School has a unique and methodical approach to increasing learning abilities and reducing the learning time of the students. The school gives special emphasis on advocating good handwriting and making students ambidextrous.
Ambidexterity or dual-handedness has been known to boost brain function, improve academic performance, develop decision-making skills and help grasp knowledge faster. By training the non-dominant hand to write as effortlessly as the dominant one, both sides of the brain are equally stimulated which reduces learning time significantly. All students at the school can write with both hands. They are also taught 47 different courses and activities which will help them to achieve IIT, NEET, Civils, Bank Exams.

The institute believes that proper ways of teaching can improve any student's performance. While most traditional schools and institutes take credit for the performance of high-achieving students and refuse accountability for students performing poorly, Make My Baby Genius School has set itself apart by dedicatedly paying attention to every student. It guarantees to improve children who are fairly poor in studies in one to two years. The school enrolls students who are not doing well in their studies and grooms them with basic education and extra- curricular activities.
"Studies have shown that students with poor handwriting lose 20 per cent of their marks for a lack of presentation. Good handwriting contributes to reading fluency because it activates the visual perception of letters. Also, the ability to write with both hands creates increased activity in the sensorimotor parts of both left and the right brain, stimulating brain activity and creativity", said Bhaskar Raju.

Students from the institute have gone on to achieve several awards and records. Bhaskar Raju's children and students, S. Aswini and S. Yaswanth are record setters who have mastered the art of writing 19 Indian languages and 2 foreign languages besides mastering the skills of penning down scripts in mirror writing and upside-down writing. Make My Baby Genius School has always been a part of many such inspiring stories. In a recent record feat, Manjunath, a six-year-old, recited 100 Vemana poems in 11.43 minutes. Children at the institute can solve a Rubik's cube in 45 seconds, tell 100 square roots in one minute, write 100 tables in 45 minutes etc. Being a parent himself Raju empathizes and values the concern of all parents for their children.
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