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Mohit Kamboj, KBJ Group Founder
Mohit Kamboj, KBJ Group Founder

'KBJ Group has come a long way', Founder Mohit Kamboj on KBJ's growth story from Varanasi to Mumbai

ANI | Updated: Jun 25, 2021 17:45 IST

New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI/Digpu): Mohit Kamboj reminisces moments in life that defines him as the man he is today. From a small-town boy in Varanasi, president of the Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association to the business mastermind he is now, Mohit Kamboj has come far in his rather eventful lifetime.
A man of many talents, Mohit Kamboj's story begins in Varanasi, India, where his father had a well-established Jewellery business and wholesale goods shop. Young Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya grew up under his father's influence and gives complete credit for his business acumen to his father. Mohit Kamboj shares his admiration for his father's keen business sense and ascribes great importance to him for teaching him the ins and outs of the trade.
As he grew up, the resolve to start a business of his own overtook Mohit Kamboj and he decided to move away from home to Mumbai to try his luck. Leaving his mother and father was difficult for him, Mohit says recalling the mix of excitement and fear when he was stepping out of the house.
Mohit Bharatiya aka Mohit Kamboj pursued his bachelors in commerce and economics from one of Mumbai's leading college in 2002. After completing his education from the mentioned establishment, Mohit Kamboj started his own company, KBJ Group.
KBJ Group is a private conglomerate firm spread out in various sectors, namely, bullion, jewellery, entertainment, real estate and hospitality. Mohit Kamboj is the CEO and founder of the business. His wife, Aksha Kamboj has joined the business as a board member in the management quite recently.
In 2021, KBJ Group is one of the leading family-owned businesses of Mumbai. The company has benefited greatly from the business legacy of the family and continues to expand into diverse branches. KBJ Group employs about 101-250 employees at the moment. As part of KBJ Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, Mohit Bhartiya Foundation has taken shape with its aim to work for the social progress and environmental healing. The road has been tough, but I am happy with where I am, Mohit Kamboj says as a concluding remark on his life so far.
Along with being a master in his game, MohitBharatiya is also a devoted father of two kids. He believes in sharing parenting responsibility equally between mother and father to set a good example for the children. His close relationship with his own parents has taught Mohit Kamboj the deep value in family relations that many times go beyond the private life. He reiterates the fact that his parents had a key role in making him an enterprising human being. KBJ Group has a great leader in the face of Mohit Kamboj as well as his father, who is a well-known businessman in Varanasi even now.
The goal is to pass on the same value and knowledge that my father gifted me with, to my own children, Mohit Kamboj says. As wife, AkshaKamboj steps in as a member of the KBJ Group, the family is well on their way to achieve this goal.
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