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Eagle Burgmann officials from Japan inaugurating Jehangir Hospital Ophthalmology Centre
Eagle Burgmann officials from Japan inaugurating Jehangir Hospital Ophthalmology Centre

Jehangir Hospital Launches Upgraded State of the Art Ophthalmology Centre with an Enhanced Scope

ANI | Updated: Jan 06, 2023 17:54 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 6 (ANI/PNN): Pune-based Jehangir Hospital has enhanced the scope of its Ophthalmology department with the launch of its latest Ophthalmology Centre. The department is a dedicated stop for adult and paediatric vision care. It houses a team of highly experienced specialists offering super-specialty services in corneal diseases and corneal transplant, management of Uveitis, vitreo retina, medical retina, glaucoma, oculoplasty, low vision, contact lens, pediatric ophthalmology and Ocular Oncology.
With equipment like HFA Perimeter, the ophthalmologist can quantify glaucoma and also can see the progression of the disease over a period of time with trend analysis and event analysis. This equipment can complete a visual field test with high accuracy, within a few minutes providing complete comfort to the patient.
As a matter of fact, certain blinding conditions like glaucoma are picked up only by an eye doctor on routine examination. The patient doesn't get any signs or symptoms till late. Glaucoma is referred to as the silent thief of vision. It can be treated and prevented if it's diagnosed early and treated at an early stage. Similarly, changes of diabetic retinopathy can be found and treated with laser and special antiVeg F injections in the eye at an early stage to prevent vision loss.
The latest Green LASER technology helps in stopping the leakages in the retina and prevents further damage to the retina. Here, a wavelength of 532 nm and precision focus is used to treat only the necessary tissue without harming the healthy tissues of the retina.
Dr Prasad Walimbe, Consultant Pediatric Ophthalmologist and Head - the Department of Ophthalmology at Jehangir Hospital said, "The USP of the dept. of ophthalmology is a team of trained, compassionate & ethical eye surgeons who give quality eye care in all ophthalmic subspecialties under one roof. We are fortunate to have world-class diagnostic & surgical equipment; state-of-the-art Operation theatres and robust support of efficient anesthesiologists and ancillary departments. The department also houses Ocular Oncology expert doctors and healthcare specialists who ensure to add care at the first sight!"

Healthy eyes are the first step in making memories out of life's most precious moments by witnessing them and seeing happy faces around us. While some are blessed with crystal-clear vision, some need optical assistance to enjoy these moments. Dr Chitra Sambhare, consultant Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon at Jehangir Hospital said, "It's extremely important to get your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist regularly as signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, optic nerve problems, glaucoma can be picked up by an eye doctor and treated at an early stage. It can help prevent loss of vision and blindness."
Optical Coherence Tomography helps in seeing the tissues in layer-by-layer visualization to determine the pathology in a better way. Also, it helps in the detection of unseen pathology and tissue which will help in treating the patient accurately. With OCT an ophthalmologist can determine and see the progression of glaucoma with the help of highly proven matrixes. And with OCT Angiography the vascular information of the tissues without any intervention of sodium dye in the patient can be clearly seen. It is a safe, time-saving and efficient procedure.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Vinod Sawantwadkar, CEO Jehangir Hospital said, "Department of ophthalmology at Jehangir Hospital is committed to delight every patient by providing the highest quality Ophthalmic Care, with a personal touch, in a safe environment, adopting the latest technologies and the continual improvement of the quality management system. We believe in continuous improvement in our service quality based on customer feedback and learning. "
Jehangir Hospital aims to build a department with enhanced ophthalmic scope and focus on specialty and super specialty work with an intention of improving the eye health of the community as a whole.
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