Japan expands its retail business in Southeast Asia

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2017 15:33 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Oct. 13 (ANI): Japan's retail company, AEON, recently inaugurated its second shopping mall in Indonesia. The AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City, which is located in central Jakarta city, aims to target the young customers and families. It ensures to provide these families with an environment of convenience, comfort, and high quality services. AEON is focusing on expanding stores not only in Indonesia, but across Southeast Asia including Vietnam and Cambodia.

"The mall has food courts to entertain shoppers and has an Olympic sized skating rink. It is the largest air-conditioned mall in Indonesia with amenities like having the largest air-conditioned Ferris wheel on a rooftop," said Toyofumi Kashi, President Director, Pt. Aeon Indonesia .

The mall has dining and relaxation areas on each floor, providing overall entertainment and comfort to the shoppers. It has a motto to provide and experience to shoppers with 3Cs - Convenience, Customize and Comfortable - at the general merchandise store (GMS). AEON aims to sign up 100,000 AEON member cardholders in one year.

"In the future, AEON will develop malls specializing in entertainment in a number of ASEAN countries. We want to build lots of malls that appeal to people as a place to gather or meet, and particularly to enjoy food," said Kashi.

Japan gives a different impression from north to south, depending on the region. Noboribetsu Spa of Hokkaido has nine hot springs and is one of the best hot springs in Japan. You can view the many upwelling discharges and fumaroles at "Hell Valley" of the volcano crater, and feel the tremendous energy of Earth nearby.

In addition, you can enjoy a very unusual natural footbath in the river where the hot spring flows. There are many theme parks too, such as ranches, aquariums and legacy villages to enjoy visiting.

"Noboribetsu Spa is one of the best hot springs in Hokkaido. It's called the hot springs department store. The four seasons is clearly divided in Hokkaido, as well as in other parts of Japan, and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring and the snow in winter," said Eiji Sugawa, Chairperson of Advertising Committee, Noboribetsu Tourism Association.

Now, in Japan, the pleasure of industrial tourism is popular. This is a traditional factory with a 90-year history of making nail clippers and kitchen utensils that are popular overseas. Here you can see everything from the selection of materials to the completion of a product. Visitors can observe the craftsmen openly, without deception or compromise, and cultivate the richness and feeling of using traditional techniques to produce things.

The Tohoku region, which is located between Hokkaido and Tokyo, has become a region that is under reconstruction because of the earthquake and has been given the password "Tohoku is One" to distribute comprehensive tourist information.

In the autumn and winter seasons of Tohoku There has an attractive range of tourist routes that combine various contents of Tohoku with rich and emotional scenes such as autumn leaves and snowy colorful landscapes.

Japan woos foreign tourists by promoting a wide range of its tourist destinations, food, culture and industry. (ANI)