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Invinsense 3.0 combines detection, response tools and managed services to combat cyberattacks
Invinsense 3.0 combines detection, response tools and managed services to combat cyberattacks

Infopercept launches Invinsense 3.0 to help organizations combat new-age sophisticated cyberattacks

ANI | Updated: Apr 18, 2022 14:07 IST

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], April 18 (ANI/SRV): Infopercept, a Global Managed Security Service Provider, today announced the launch of its enhanced detection and response platform 'Invinsense 3.0.'
The platform integrates various cybersecurity tools and managed services like: XDR, patch management, deception, breach and attack simulation along with services like MDR, MDR+, OMDR and compliance.
"It is high time that we respect adversaries for their creativity and the never say never attitude, only then we will be able to weave our security around it," said, Jaydeep Ruparelia, CEO Infopercept.
"Many a times organizations don't respect the adversaries and are in denial about being attacked and one fine day when they are attacked, they are shocked. We have enhanced our Invinsense platform, which integrates all detection and response tools and managed services. This platform thinks like an attacker and behaves like a defender. The modules within the Invinsense 3.0 platform will help organizations to improve their security posture continuously by first measuring their actual detection and response time through actual attack kind of testing with our red teaming tools and services, organizations can then make their defense strong with our detection and response tools and managed services. We believe cybersecurity is a constant journey and a 'cybersecurity aware culture' is a big part of our fight against cybercrime. To help organizations build that culture along with the compliance requirement, we also have a module around compliance and cybersecurity awareness under Invinsense 3.0 called Invinsense GSOS, which also has managed services offerings included in it", added Jaydeep Ruparelia.
Invinsense 3.0 has the following tools and managed services comprehensively integrated into it:

* Invinsense XDR and Invinsense MDR integrates key cybersecurity solutions: SIEM, SOAR, EDR, Case Management, Threat Intelligence, Threat Exchange, and other cybersecurity solutions and managed services to improve organizations' detection and response.
* Invinsense ODS and Invinsense MDR+integrates patch management and deception tools and managed services that make it harder for adversaries to enter an organization and improve organizations' detection and response.
* Invinsense RBAS and Invinsense OMDR integrates breach and attack simulations tool and red teaming exercises to help organizations to manage their vulnerability and reduce risk factors.
* Invinsense GSOS solutions and services help organizations to achieve the necessary compliance needed because of your industry and geography.
Invinsense 3.0 has a centralized management console that helps organizations to manage all detectionand response tools and services through a single and simple dashboard.
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