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Industry Leaders gear up to optimize and refine marketing strategies in 2022
Industry Leaders gear up to optimize and refine marketing strategies in 2022

Industry Leaders gear up to optimize and refine marketing strategies in 2022

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2022 11:20 IST

Tamil Nadu (Chennai) [India], February 7 (ANI/Heylin Spark): Marketing is all about building the right strategies and targeting the right audience at the right time.
Fortunately, only a few get it right. As per the equity research firm Redburn and PwC, "The Marketing sector is worth $1.7 trillion worldwide and is expected to grow."
With brands going wrong in their strategies, marketing seems to be challenging. Fairly speaking, marketing is all about connecting the chords with the consumers. Marketing Gurus say that marketing isn't merely a term but an emotion that connects brands and consumers. It's a voice to reach out to people and connect with their stories. You need to build a brand in your consumers' minds to be the industry leader.
Pravin Chandan, a marketing expert whose marketing wisdom enriched with real-life experiences has helped new start-ups make a presence in their respective industries. As a business consultant and prolific entrepreneur, Pravin has mentored several clients in the Direct Selling Industry. His tenacity and acumen have helped him evolve his family business to a multi-billion enterprise within a span of 10 years.
With a vision to help businesses grow and impact lives, Pravin deciphers business strategies that create new employment opportunities. He is a philanthropist and believes in spreading joy and happiness. He has also helped the lesser-privileged communities with food and shelter during natural disasters such as the tsunami (2004) and the Vardha cyclone (2016). Pravin says, "Marketing and Innovation are the two key drivers of the business. It is imperative to understand the industry trends, the marketing pulse, and the consumer's ever-changing needs to optimize marketing and sales efforts."

Marketing Gurus say that all products and services need customized marketing strategies to leave an impact. Marketing Management being an integral part of business emphasizes creating buyer personas, curating the sales funnel, and mapping the strategies respectively. With multiple forms of marketing such as Traditional Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Marketing, organizations can optimize their efforts and grow multi-folds.
Besides, approaching Marketing Gurus and Marketing Ninjas can help businesses thrive in minimum time. With the rising competition and declining attention span, companies need to rely on industry experts to leverage multiple marketing platforms and grow rapidly.
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