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IMTS Noida has launched an online career counseling with 200+ experts, and 40k students have already benefited
IMTS Noida has launched an online career counseling with 200+ experts, and 40k students have already benefited

IMTS Noida has launched online career counselling with 200+ experts, and 40k students have already benefited

ANI | Updated: Aug 22, 2022 18:42 IST

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], August 22 (ANI/PNN): IMTS has launched "online counselling" with 200+ career counsellors. Varun Gupta, (Founder and CEO of IMTS), assisted students in selecting the best course for them, IMTS Noida where students can pursue learning without even going to college. IMTS provides a 100 per cent e-learning facility for all available Over 40,000+ students have benefitted from the IMTS institute by achieving their career goals.
The speciality of our Institute is to provide a good experience in online education and technology-based learning along with doubt-clearing sessions with professors if required. The best in the business is teaching these courses. In addition, Varun Gupta plans to build a new office in Noida with 1000 Employees (IT experts, a career counsellor, and professors who will assist students online and offline.)
Varun Gupta, the Founder of IMTS, is passionate about Technology, Transparency, Equality, and Ethics in education. Varun Gupta is a renowned Indian educationist and industrialist with 14 years of experience. As a result of his vision, several excellent educational Ed-Tech has been established throughout India, including IMTS. Besides holding an MBA and LLB degree, he has also received several awards for his work in the fields of education and technology and has 14 years of experience in the field.
IMTS Institute is an Institute that offers a Free career counselling institute with over 200+ experienced career counsellors that believe in the 'right to education.' For the past 16 years,. 98 per cent of the students were able to get their diplomas and Degrees on Time; IMTS Institute has attained greatness through hard work and dedication. Professionals ensure that students achieve their goals by obtaining a high-quality education in their subject of interest.
When Varun Gupta Founder and CEO of IMTS, was seeking a degree from a reputed college, he encountered these storming questions. There was no such portal or website that featured all the information about university and courses, however. In spite of the lack of information in the education sector, he created the solution to all these problems.
Aims to guide thousands of students around the world
IMTS Institute (Institute of Management & Technical Studies ) an Institute with 250+ expert career counsellors, helps students fulfil their dreams by getting a quality education in their desired field of interest. For over 17 years our institute has shown complete commitment and dedication towards students for achieving excellence.
IMTS has launched "online counselling" with 200+ career counsellors
- Education mentors at IMTS online hold PG Degree in counselling from universities in India.
- Before becoming counsellors, they undergo rigorous training in addition to their qualifications.
- The IMTS counsellors are available seven days a week from 11am to 6pm.
- They can be reached by text, phone, or even through face-to-face video counselling for an enhanced experience.
- IMTS YouTube ( click )

Varun's goal is to change the way India learns while disrupting the category every year in order to achieve a growth rate of 40 per cent per year for the company.
He has strong orientation skills due to his experience in data analysis, digital marketing, career counselling, legal advice, and R&D. Ability to assess business needs and make changes based on current changes in the business environment, allowing the business to expand. Developing an entrepreneurial spirit in students by teaching them how to turn their business ideas into profitable businesses.
Varun Gupta has always believed in giving more to the youth. Hence the purpose of. Mr. Gupta has worked a lot for IMTS Online by connecting with the International and Local universities As per all UGC and Government Guideline, collecting information, and updating the students to prevent gaps.
He is very vigilant in ensuring that students advised at his advice centre are not affected by the university's releases. Furthermore, Varun Gupta has assured that IMTS Online will have expert education counsellors to leave no stone unturned in making this concept of digital education a reality in India.
Additionally, he is responsible for making distance education easy for students by providing them with easy access to information related to courses and universities available across the country. He is a firm believer in the "Right to Education '' and "Right-to-Correct Information". Varun is responsible for the company's P&L account, as well as all legal, and financial, and compliance. Varun believes strongly in the power of a strong workforce and has meticulously built the team infrastructure that is based on their expertise and passion for the work they do.
- BA Course
- BCA Course
- BSW Course
- MCA Course
- MBA Course
If you're still thinking about whether to join the IMTS Institute or not, it's time you know about the benefits of joining the reputed Institute. Completing some successful 17 years in 2022, IMTS Institute will help you get the careers and lives of your choice. You can put your career on fast-forward with IMTS Institute as you walk through student life into professional life. Once you've taken chosen an IMTS Institute, the responsibility of your future lies on the trusted shoulders of the faculty of IMTS.
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