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Manish Goyal (MD), Puran Puri (CEO), and Rajesh Swami (COO) at Ikeda's 3rd RNR meet
Manish Goyal (MD), Puran Puri (CEO), and Rajesh Swami (COO) at Ikeda's 3rd RNR meet

Ikeda's hosts 3rd RNR Meet in New Delhi

ANI | Updated: Oct 13, 2022 10:17 IST

New Delhi [India], October 13 (ANI/SRV): On October 8, 2022, Ikeda held its 3rd RNR meet in Delhi. More than 200 people attended the meet with enthusiasm in their hearts. Ikeda, a brainchild of Manish Goyal (MD), Puran Puri (CEO), and Rajesh Swami (COO) founded in 2019, has completed three years of its establishment. It also celebrated a business of 500cr in September with the auspicious presence of all the board members. The celebration of the 500cr business was done in this meet itself by expressing joy through cake cutting.
Ikeda's 3rd RNR marked three years of its successful establishment and expansion in the family. The month of September is one of the most crucial ones in the history of Ikeda.
The meet started with a Welcome speech that was full of wisdom and greetings. In the next part of the meet, a video was presented to the attendees about the change of name from 'Ikeda to Finkeda.' This video intended to announce the name change and the idea behind it.
Later this was followed by personal speeches from the founders. After that, the session was enlightened with a speech from Sunil Singh (NSH).

While the RNR meet itself means Reward and Recognition meet, Ikeda did it very well. The meet concluded with a reward and recognition ceremony that brought unmissable smiles to every face present there. Each person was recognized for their contribution towards the Ikeda and appreciated for the same by presenting the awards. Also, each person was given rewards for being present there. The Reward and Recognition section was to recognize top talent and ensure that they feel valued, appreciated, and motivated to achieve company goals.
The meet ended with a charismatic cocktail party that added fun elements everyone couldn't stop themselves from indulging in this party. Everyone surely had to shake their legs and dance their heart out with great music. The meet surely ended on a sweet note.
The honorable board members of Ikeda announced changing the name of 'Ikeda' to 'Finkeda'. This meeting not only intended to celebrate the success of the company but also had a mission to make a necessary change to its name. The intention to change the name was to make it more meaningful. Fin in Finkeda stands for finance and Keda for a new plant. The idea of giving this name to the company is to lay an impression on everyone who hears it.
The proceedings from this meet aimed to inform everyone that Ikeda is Finkeda now and along with that celebrate 500cr business. It was a great success and remarkable enough to lay a great impression on Ikeda's history. Also, this meet was successful in completing its agenda to give the company a new and happening name.
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