ICSE Board Exam 2021 - 5 ways to score high (complete guide)
ICSE Board Exam 2021 - 5 ways to score high (complete guide)

ICSE Board Exam 2021 - 5 ways to score high (complete guide)

ANI | Updated: Oct 09, 2021 16:07 IST

New Delhi [India], October 9 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The ICSE board exam 2021 for Class X conducted by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) are just a few weeks away.
Students are gearing up and adding the final touches to their preparation to ensure that they get the maximum marks possible.
To ensure effective and structured preparation for the examinations, practising with sample papers is highly recommended.
Let's analyse how sample question paper can you help you score high.
* Solving sample question papers enables students to practise rigorously, and get visibility into the examination format.
* Sample question papers also improves their speed and accuracy while attempting questions.
* Practicing with sample question papers also helps in tracking your preparation level, and analysing where you are going wrong.
* Sample papers also help to address learning gaps, conceptual misalignments and will boost your preparation.
Here are five reasons why preparing with a sample question paper can level-up your exam preparation.
1. Examination strategy
This year, there have been changes in the examination syllabus and pattern. Students need to be thoroughly conversant with the new MCQ examination strategy.
As per the revised assessment guidelines, ICSE board exam 2021 is going to be MCQ based. Hence, it's essential to have subject knowledge and also an exam insight. Sample question papers can help you in that.
Preparing with sample papers instils confidence, reduces anxiety and familiarises students with examinations do's and don'ts.
MCQs have a number of answering strategies -
* Elimination,
* Best fit,
* Reasoning,
* Most probable and so on.
According to experts, familiarity with these strategies can save students a lot of minutes, reducing the overall time available to them.
Oswaal sample question paper is a must-have resource for students preparing for their ICSE board exams 2021 as it helps you to practise these above strategies.
Besides, it's strictly based on the semester wise reduced syllabus for ICSE board exams 2021.
On top of that, it also has a dynamic QR code to keep the students updated for 2021 exam paper or any further CISCE notifications/circulars.
2. Rigorous Practice
Practice gives students a visibility into the examination structure, pattern, and marking scheme and also boosts confidence.
Along practising, try to practise from sample question papers to leave no stone unturned. Oswaal sample question paper has the largest pool of topic wise MCQs based on latest typologies for ICSE board exam 2021.
The book also features pedagogical features like Revision Notes for in-depth study and Mind Maps & Mnemonics for retention-based learning.
3. Self-assessment
Few crucial components of exam preparation are
* Consistency,
* Improvement,
* Self-assessment,
* Sample questions paper and so forth.
Students can do a thorough analysis of which topics they are repeatedly finding difficult to score in and prepare a list of such topics and practice questions specifically for those topics with sample question paper.
To prepare for ICSE board exam 2021, Oswaal sample question paper also offers students useful learning aids such as Answer Key with Explanations, and Topics found Difficult & Suggestions for students.
4. Time management
Time is of the essence in the examination hall.
Recently, CISCE has published a time management chart on how to attempt the MCQ based exams.
Highlights of the chart for class 10th are -
* For the comprehension section, students have been advised to spend 1 min for 1 marks MCQ, 1.5 minutes for the 2 marks MCQ, and 3 minutes for the 5 marks MCQ.
* For the grammar section, students are recommended to spend 0.5 minute for 0.5 marks MCQ, and 1-2 minutes for 1 marks MCQ.
With the help of sample question papers, students can practice time management and gain confidence in attempting questions in the exam,
Oswaal Sample question paper also improves speed in attempting questions, gives students insights into the marking scheme and helps in preparation analysis.
5. Mock Examination
To reduce examination anxiety, students should practise creating a mock examination scenario at home.
With the help of sample papers, students should time themselves and appear for the examination exactly the way they would in real life. It will prepare them for the challenge of answering an MCQ based examination.
Practising with a sample paper reduces the chances of misalignment on the day of examination and empowers students to focus only on the questions.
With only a few weeks left to go, students need to step up their preparation. This includes using the right study strategy and preparation with the right resources.

Students should start practising Oswaal sample question papers for optimum results. Also, they should commence their revision in a timely manner to avoid any last-minute stress.
Having the right resources will equip students to feel confident in attempting the question in the examination and will uplift their scores.
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