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Hustlers Hospitality launches
Hustlers Hospitality launches "Growth Hack Program" and aims to be India's first most organised and profitable asset-light food tech start up

Hustlers Hospitality launches "Growth Hack Program" and aims to be India's first most organised and profitable asset-light food tech start up

ANI | Updated: Jun 13, 2022 17:45 IST

New Delhi [India], June 13 (ANI/PNN): Hustlers Hospitality Introduces its "Growth Hack Program" to expedite the growth of its brands across the country to about 2000 Internet Restaurants by Mid 2023 and aims to clock revenue over Rs 150 Cr in the next 2 years.
Growth hack program is designed for Existing Restaurants to scale their online food delivery business through brands of Hustlers Hospitality from their already Existing Kitchen space & Optimize the Set of Equipment and Staff which is currently Under-utilized fundamentally due to lack of desired sales.
When done accurately, we know that online ordering can be very profitable for restaurants, with our in-house brands and recipe standardization of all menu items, we intend to help thousands of underperforming restaurant brands nationwide to profit from online ordering which will help them sustain longer. "Uber - The biggest cab company in the world does not own any cabs, Nor does OYO Rooms, a Unicorn chain of hotels own any of its hotels; similarly, the biggest Cloud Kitchen company will not own any of its restaurants." Growth Hack Program is guaranteed to increase your Sales and Revenue, with No absolute Scope of loss - Krunal Oza, Founder & CEO of Hustlers Hospitality said!
Hustlers hospitality has a total successful Cloud kitchen Brand Portfolio of 20+ brands like New York Sandwich, Senorita Margherita, Popstar Pizza, The Monk Momo, Chop-Chop Square, MithiBai VadaPav, Aflatoon Biryani, Dildar Paratha, United Khichdi, Subramanium, Your Office Canteen, Pancake Station, Hola Hola Waffle, LA Churros, Happy Cow, Brookies, The Spud Fries to name a few in every cuisine category, currently actively present across 6+ cities with around 200 Active Internet Restaurants in just last 4 months with order volume of over 20,000 orders per month.

Hustlers Hospitality is a One of a Kind Multi-Cuisine Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen company based on the Asset light model, which will involve licensing the above brands to existing restaurants with Under-utilized Kitchen capacities. It will also take absolute responsibility for generating demand for Growth Hack Partner Restaurants, through several marketing techniques like CPC Campaigns on Aggregator platforms, continuous implementation of creative Offers & Deals, Review Monitoring & Management, and on the other hand Growth Hack Partner Restaurateurs will Fulfill the orders as per Standard operating procedures set by Hustlers Hospitality and also use packaging designed and designate for respective brands to give a better experience to the customer.
Growth Hack Program is a revolutionary way to earn Incremental Sales, you can multiply your income into two-fold, as there is no additional Real estate and Machinery investment required, and you can generate more orders from the Same kitchen with multiple brands with Multiple Categories and concepts listed on online delivery apps.
Following is what he has to say when interviewed with few questions-
Q) What's the Eligibility criteria?
1. Under-Utilized Commercial Kitchen Space with Equipment.
2. Active Chefs & Helpers.
3. Current Sales are Unsatisfactory.
4. Restaurateur with a"Never Quit" Mindset
Q) Why Growth Hack Program?
1. No Extra Rent
2. No Extra Salary
3. Exclusive Territory Rights (5km Radius)

4. Minimum Investment: That's right.
5. Additional Profits from the first order itself!!
Q) Support and Commitment to Growth Hack Partners:
1. Staff Training, Kitchen Sticky Notes & Brand SOP Book.
2. Ingredients and Raw Material Supply
3. Branded Packaging
4. Onboarding - Zomato, Swiggy, etc.
5. Digital Marketing & Dynamic campaigns
6. POS Software.
Q) How Does It Work?
A. Revenue and Profit Share - 90 per cent (Growth Hack Partner) and 10 per cent (Hustler Hospitality)
You already pay for Rent, Equipment and Staff Salaries regardless, of whether or not you become a Hustlers Hospitality Growth Hack Partner; so we can subtract those expenses when we calculate the potential profitability of a new income stream. To determine the profitability of Cloud Kitchen brands, the only costs we need to include are the additional Costs of goods sold (Food cost) and the delivery app's commissions (26-28 per cent).
Q) Company's Vision?
A ) To be the Fastest Growing, Most organized & Profitable Cloud Kitchen Company in the History of Indian Food Tech Industry, Hustlers has already signed over 300 Internet Point of Sales in 9+ cities and is expected to sign up 2000 internet Point of sale in the next 1.5 years through Growth Hack program and Franchising. Our goal is to make the Hustle of owning and Running a Successful Food Business as hassle-free and affordable as possible, and each one of our kitchens a go-to or order online for our end consumer.
Also Hustlers Hospitality invites franchisees on its website - Aspiring Restaurateurs that are interested in taking franchisees of Hustlers Brand Cloud Kitchen concepts should definitely check out their website.
Website - https://hustlershospitality.com
Social - https://www.instagram.com/hustlershospitalityindia/
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