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How much is a virtual assistant overseas? BruntWork shares their salary data for FY23
How much is a virtual assistant overseas? BruntWork shares their salary data for FY23

How much is a virtual assistant overseas? BruntWork shares their salary data for FY23

ANI | Updated: Aug 01, 2022 14:33 IST

New Delhi [India], August 1 (ANI/GPRC): After several years in the outsourcing industry, Winston Ong, CEO of Brunt Work, has seen companies increase productivity after hiring virtual assistants to address their staffing problems.
In the first few weeks of 2020, a virus turned the world's workforce into remote workers seemingly overnight. Employees from India to Australia, Brazil to China packed up their offices and set up new "work from home" workspaces.
Digital tools like Zoom and Slack went from fringe supplements to the primary enablers for daily interactions with co-workers.
And then outsourcing boomed
Globally, CEOs and managers turned to outsourcing in a big way. Business analysts are often quoted as saying that most virtual assistant services are cost-effective solutions that price the work based on tasks or the number of hours worked and emerging economies saw huge increases in GDP as western companies turned their attention to virtual assistants, mainly from the Philippines and India.
The quality of virtual assistants is also extremely high, while their cost--particularly overseas-- remains relatively low compared to traditional local employees. These assistants often have college degrees, valuable skills, extensive work experience and the perfect disposition to work effectively in a remote environment.
Average Salary of Virtual Assistants in FY23

While virtual assistants are known for offering services at lower rates, there is no standard or fixed salary. Typically, it depends on location and the tasks required of the assistant.
Some entrepreneurs who have switched most of their tasks to virtual assistants because of the money they save attest that they can find highly educated, credentialed. English-speaking virtual assistants for as little as UAD 4 - USD 8 an hour in some developing countries.
Some business owners with multiple virtual assistants for various projects pay their assistants different rates. For instance, an expert who manages email marketing setup may charge as high as USD 25 an hour, while a web developer may have an asking rate of USD 20 per hour.
BruntWork Salary Data
Brunt Work, one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in Australia with a reported growth of 384 per cent in recurring revenue from a global client base, provides services to both listed enterprises and growing startups.
The company discloses that it has a fully-managed outsourcing solution with hourly rates ranging from USD 4 to USD 8 an hour, which can make a massive difference to a company's bottom line because of the considerably lower rates.
Despite the affordability, BruntWork has several teams across admin, sales, support, finance, payroll or web development functions with high-output talent, hand-picked and individually selected for the needs of each client.
When asked how the company could keep its rates low, Ong responded, "BruntWork's recruitment process is not limited to one geographic location so that we can reach out to a wider pool of applicants, many of whom live outside major metro areas so their living costs are lower."
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