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Here are some tips to help you overcome your CAT failure

ANI | Updated: Mar 31, 2021 18:09 IST

New Delhi [India], March 31 (ANI/Digpu): CAT as an exam does not have the concept of a pass or fail. You will either get a high percentile through which you can easily get a call up from your dream institution or a low percentile through which you will not be able to get a call for admission from anywhere. So actually, no student who is preparing for CAT fails in the exam, it is only the percentile that decides whether he is getting a call from the college of his preference.
This article will highlight a few of the common mistakes which students commit during their CAT preparation. These mistakes when rectified will definitely help you to succeed in the CAT Exam:
Too much importance given only to a particular section during CAT preparation
Students who are preparing for CAT give importance to only one or two sections and completely ignore the other section during their CAT preparation. For instance, a student gives too much emphasis on the Quants and Verbal ability section and he completely ignores the DI and LR section. All the three sections in the main exam carry equal weight and ignoring one section will bring down your percentile. Students most of the time ignore one section because they are scared of it or they are not confident in that particular section. This however is the wrong approach. Someone looking to score well cannot leave half the syllabus unprepared.
How many questions should I target to score 90+ percentile?

This is one of the biggest mistakes committed by students who are preparing for CAT. If a student comes to know through someone that one needs to attempt 20 questions to score 99+ percentile in a particular section, if he has solved 15 questions, he will try to solve the other 5 questions through educated guesses. This is the biggest risk that the student is taking and will badly impact his accuracy level, this accuracy level will bring down his score and percentile of that section. So never stick to the point that you should attempt these many questions to score 90+ percentile. The student should have a strategy to attempt the paper but that is based on the time that the student wants to allocate to various sections and not based on the number of questions that the student should attempt.
Overconfidence is the biggest killer which leads to terrible performance and low percentile. It is one of the reasons why people fail in CAT. A student should not have this attitude during preparation and while attempting the CAT exam. A student should attempt his exam confidently and without any stress to excel in it.
Finally, you should remember that not being able to score a certain percentile in CAT is not the end of the world and not even of your MBA dream. Narayana, one of the best business schools in the country, while accepting CAT scores, also conducts its own NBSAT exams for students who have not appeared for CAT or have failed to score the required percentile. You can get your dream MBA from a state-of-the-art institution even if CAT results do not favour you.
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