IFB FastCool air conditioners are the best solution for climate control at home and keeping the indoors germ free
IFB FastCool air conditioners are the best solution for climate control at home and keeping the indoors germ free

Healthy and comfortable indoors

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2021 12:22 IST

New Delhi [India], July 17 (ANI/Mediawire): As the monsoons arrive, they bring humidity with them. Not only does excess humidity become seriously uncomfortable even when room temperature is a little warm, around 26-28 degrees, it also becomes a health hazard.
All kinds of bacteria, fungi, molds and spores grow on surfaces that absorb moisture. Many of these microbes are airborne and cause all kinds of respiratory illness.
Scientific studies suggest that 23-27 degrees with low humidity creates the perfect conditions for spending time indoors in comfort, particularly in these times of WFH. While people rarely consider buying an AC during monsoon, it may be the best decision to stay healthy in rainy season. The new IFB FastCool air conditioners are the best solution for climate control at home and keeping the indoors germ free.
The Covid-19 pandemic has made life difficult for everyone. However, it is particularly difficult for people with breathing problems like asthma. Increased humidity, being a problem for breathing only compounds this issue. So, when you are at home, the clean air released through the multiple filters and diffusers of the IFB ACs and physiologically comfortable levels of humidity will help keep you healthy and safe.

With the excellent air quality, efficiency, and safety, the top-quality IFB FastCool air conditioners not only give you comfort indoors even during the hottest or the most humid seasons, they also provide you with the peace of mind to go about your day without worries. All of these aspects come together to truly create a healthy and safe indoors for your home. Your comfort and safety will never be compromised.
These ACs use top of the line fast cooling and energy efficient technology. The twin Inverter Hi-speed HD Compressor is like having two engines in a car with the fuel efficiency of one! It can cool up to an exterior temperature of 58 degree. IFB FastCool ACs also use cutting edge technology in both the indoor and outdoor units for fast heat exchange to deliver terrific cooling performance.
The gold coated evaporator and condenser fins have specially designed micro louvres that accelerate airflow for quick cooling. The air-cooled electronic system enables the ACs to provide consistent and efficient cooling. Additionally, the aerodynamically designed long throw blower and motorized horizontal & vertical air swing allows the ACs to cool all corners of a room evenly.
These top-of-the line air conditioners also come with superior build quality with amazing attention to detail. The IFB ACs use 100 per cent copper tubing and the exposed copper is coated with Nano-Tek coating to prevent corrosion. The exterior unit is also dual coated with automotive grade protective coating to prevent rusting and stainless steel fixtures are used for installation. IFB's uncompromising quality standards ensure long trouble-free performance backed up by 24 x 7 nationwide service.
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