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 Priyank Pandey, Founder of Healthroid
Priyank Pandey, Founder of Healthroid

Healthroid announces the launch of free online Blood Donation Platform

ANI | Updated: Jun 22, 2022 14:17 IST

New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI/SRV): Healthroid an online healthcare media publishing company is all set to launch a free online blood donation platform.
Donating blood is an act of solidarity and critical for saving lives. While many people choose to donate blood through local blood banks, Healthroid's blood donation platform will make it easy to donate blood from anywhere in the world.
Manual blood donation systems have a number of restrictions and disadvantages - it is time-consuming, leads to errors, consume substantial manpower, lack donor information, retrieval of data takes a lot of time and percentage of accuracy is less.
Healthroid's blood donation platform is a digitized management system that will not only maintain the information of blood donors and recipients, but also provide them functionality to connect with each other in times of emergency.
Highlighting the website features, Priyank Pandey, Founder of Healthroid, shared, "Healthroid's online blood donation management system will help in maintaining the list of blood donors and also helps the recipients to track and search the right donor easily. With more than 100K monthly visitors, Healthroid's upcoming feature will enable readers and followers join for a good cause."
Priyank further added, "There are many people who choose to donate blood because they know how important it is. Some people donate because a loved one needs blood, while others donate simply because they want to help others in need. No matter the reason, donating blood can make a huge impact on someone's life."
Key features of our Blood donation platform:
Search donor by blood type
Search donor by distance

Became a donor
Donor profile
Request a blood
Donors can schedule appointments and donate directly from their smartphones.
All donations are safely and securely processed.
Healthroid is an online, healthcare media publishing company that provides health information, including news, articles, and blogs. Healthroid is one of the most emerging healthcare sites on the internet with a concept is to make healthcare information more efficient and accessible to the commoners, in just a click.
Priyank said, "Our articles are written with the average person in mind, and we aim to make complex topics easy to understand. We hope that our website will be a go-to source for reliable health information for everyone. For millions of people, Healthroid is the trusted healthcare portal where they know they'll find easy-to-read, in-depth, authoritative medical information to take good care of themselves and their family with some new ways to live healthier."
Priyank invited everyone to join this noble cause by saying, "Giving blood is one of the simplest and most selfless things we can do to help others. The need for blood is constant, and each donation can save up to three lives. Every day, patients in hospitals across the country rely on blood transfusions to survive surgery, serious injuries, or life-threatening illnesses."
To know more, please visit - https://www.healthroid.com/
You can directly connect with the Founder here -https://www.facebook.com/priyankpandey42/
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