Social commerce start-up GogoPogo enables visual artists, content creators and social influencers to start an e-commerce business without any investment or physical inventory
Social commerce start-up GogoPogo enables visual artists, content creators and social influencers to start an e-commerce business without any investment or physical inventory

GogoPogo, a social commerce startup launches "India ka souvenir shop" campaign to celebrate 75 years of Indian Independence

ANI | Updated: Aug 16, 2021 18:43 IST

New Delhi [India], August 16 (ANI/SRV Media): GogoPogo, a social commerce startup founded by IIM Shillong alumnus, launches "India ka souvenir shop" campaign that aims to provide online merchandise collections themed on 75+ Indian towns, cities and states to mark India's 75th Independence year.
The campaign was launched on 15th August 2021 and the collections will be launched in phases within a year before 15th August 2022; in collaboration with visual artists, content creators and social influencers across the country.
These collections would have an Indian storefront to cater to the domestic audience as well as a global storefront to cater to thediasporas, where the orders are shipped from the host continents (currently, available only from North America).
India is a diverse country with 19506 spoken languages, 550 tribes, 2000+ ethnic groups spread across 741 districts, 8100 cities, towns and 6.5 lakh villages. Furthermore, each of these cultures and geographies, be it languages, tribes, or towns, has its own heritage, folklore and stories. The "India ka souvenir shop" plans to launch a series of hyperlocal-themed merchandise representing such diversities.
GogoPogo is a social commerce cum collaborative platform that enables individuals such as visual artists, social influencers, content creators, resellers, and entrepreneurs as well as entities such as small businesses, startups, institutes to quickly start an ecommerce business by launching a solo or joint online merchandise storefronts with a series of themed products from apparels, accessories and home decor categories relevant to their niche audience, without any investment or even without any physical inventory.
Whenever a shopper buys any product from such storefronts, the order is shipped directly to the customers from the factory (where the product is printed using "just-in-time" methodology thereby avoiding wastage), and the concerned partner(s) earn their commissions which can be tracked from a transparent dashboard.
All the back-end hassles of running an e-commerce business such as - stocking of products, inventory management, order management, printing, handling customer queries, refunds and replacement hassles, packaging, shipping and logistics are being taken care of by the GogoPogo team and its associated vendors. This leaves the artists and influencers /sellers with only one core focus area that they do the best - i.e. creating unique designs and promoting the products.

Along with providing a platform to support regional and hyperlocal themed merchandise, GogoPogo has created value for artists, influencers and sellers through its consistent and end-to-end support.
Artists to artpreneurs: GogoPogo enables visual artists such as graphic designers, doodle artists, calligraphers, painters, photographers or anyone who simply loves to create art, to launch their online storefronts by just uploading their artworks or designs, which gets converted to a full-fledged storefront with 100+ varieties of products. They can further collaborate with influencers and resellers to boost their sales. The campaign would enable the artist community to contribute designs themed on their hometown and homestates.
Fan merchandise stores: GogoPogo helps social influencers to launch their fan merchandise stores on a solo mode or in collaboration with independent artists. Influencers endorse products for other brands and now they can launch their own niche themed merchandise labels to cater to their audiences and thereby build an additional revenue stream with their existing influence. Besides social influencers such as Youtubers, Instagram influencers, bloggers, vloggers, anyone with an existing fan base such as music bands, RJs, celebrities, authors, quizmasters etc. or any authority figure can launch their merchandise store, without any inventory, cost or hassle and thereby improving engagement with their audience apart from unlocking an additional revenue stream.
The road ahead for GogoPogo is filled with opportunities as the startup aims to fill a major gap in the current social e-commerce ecosystem in the country by providing "Regional & Hyperlocal" themed merchandise. The startup has completed its private (beta) phase after 17 months which started amidst the lockdown 1.0, during which the team conducted numerous product-market fit tests across different markets with various sets of partners, along with strengthening the supply end across multiple countries. With the launch of "India ka souvenir shop" campaign, the startup has entered the public (beta) phase.
Founder of the startup, Maharnav Gogoi is an Electrical Engineer from Assam Engineering College and an alumnus of IIM Shillong. GogoPogo started as a live project during his MBA days, in an attempt to apply the academic learnings in a real world scenario. The project was conceptualised, during the international immersion days at School of management - Fudan University, Shanghai as a global social commerce project.
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