GEET MP3 celebrates a dynamic journey
GEET MP3 celebrates a dynamic journey

GEET MP3 celebrates a dynamic journey in the Indian Music Reality

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2021 17:24 IST

New Delhi [India], November 24 (ANI/ThePRTree): GEET MP3 released its first track and audio song "YAAR BELI" on 14 December 2016 which became an instant hit among the Indian youngsters.
Following the audio release, they recently launched the song's video that has generated more than 300 million views on YouTube as of now.
The music label and production firm is among the fastest-growing in the Indian music industry and has recently clocked over 30 Million subscribers in just 4 years.
Founded by KV Dhillon, the GEET MP3 YouTube Channel has released some big tracks by Jass Manak, particularly his popular track Lehnga that has over 1.2 billion views. Their latest video Salama Hundiyan, the first song from the movie Kaka Pardhan, has attracted more than 6 million views within one day of its release. The firm has already gained its niche success in Punjabi music soundtracks and Indi-pop music.
Sharing his journey in the music industry Dhillon says, "It was Great Experience working With Young And New Talent. I always believe there is no replacement for hard work and if someone Works Hard no one can stop him/her. It's a blessing When You meet someone who has the same energy as you. It becomes a little easier to achieve your goals."

"I despise shortcuts and never use them. I prepare myself for both good & bad and accept it as a blessing, nothing more than that. I believe it's all your energy and positivity which make you different from others. The positivity with which you represent your work in front of people gets appreciation. If it's good people will love it. Trust is the main key for me. I trust my artists and they trust me. That's how we work and that's how we win," he continues.
It is unbeatable that India has a culturally rich history of creating music. Today, it has a music-loving society where the average internet user spends 21.5 hours every week listening to music, vis-a-vis the global average of 17.8 hours.
According to an IFPI Global Music Report, published in 2019, the Indian recorded music industry held a size of INR 1,068 crore (about 0.006% of the country's GDP) in 2018 and it grew 24.5% last year. Experts estimated that it provided direct employment to 1,460 people. As the industry showed a welcoming gesture to the technological advances, revenue from streaming accounted for 70% of the industry's total revenue in 2018.
In the modern era, the increasing popularity of smartphones and data cost reduction has boosted the trend of digital audio streaming. In India, more than 4,440 million monthly streams are running across leading audio OTT players.
This has inspired several talented musicians and entrepreneurs to explore the music and film production industry. Being a part of this reality, GEET MP3 also strives to continue producing high-quality music and supporting young talented artists with their music labels.
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