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Floren care organises seminars and events to raise awareness regarding menstrual hygiene
Floren care organises seminars and events to raise awareness regarding menstrual hygiene

Floren: India's first feminine hygiene brand to take steps to educate the masses by conducting workshops

ANI | Updated: Dec 07, 2022 12:23 IST

New Delhi [India], December 7 (ANI/SRV): Floren, a feminine hygiene brand started by Sana Mittal recently conducted a seminar at Saupin's School Chandigarh for the girls in grades 5 and 6, in which they were taught how to maintain menstrual hygiene. Floren visited places like UIAMS, Punjab University, and I.T parks to hear the struggles and period stories of the young women & girls.
Floren has always prioritized education and awareness over everything else. Any events that the brand organizes or any seminars it conducts, solely aim at spreading awareness. The brand has also acknowledged the fact that women of all ages need to be taught about menstrual & intimate hygiene. Floren has taken up this initiative by conducting 5-10-minute seminars at kitty parties so that the women are aware of their bodies and can break the generational cycle by doing better for their kids.
The Brand's vision is not just to manufacture and sell products but also to empower women. The brand plans to further connect with many women and aware them of intimate and menstrual hygiene by conducting events and seminars. Its target is to reach 1 crore, women, across India. The products range under 4 main categories: Intimate Care, Period Care, Grooming & Toilet Hygiene.
Sharing her thoughts on the targets of the brand, Sana Mittal, the CEO, and founder of Floren says, "The brand wholly focuses on hygiene and wellness and does not tend to shift in the cosmetic or skincare line and shall continue to focus on its customers' hygiene and wellness goals." She further added, "Our main motive was to break the taboo regarding intimate hygiene as many ignore and do not address menstrual hygiene-related problems."
To raise awareness among school girls, the team of Floren started visiting schools and while discussing myths and superstitions regarding menstrual hygiene, queries of the young girls astounded them. These girls were being instructed not to touch plants or visit temples while menstruating. Floren made sure that these girls understood that menstruation is not impure. Not only young girls but even while conversing with young women of UIAMS about their period stories, a lot of experiences were shared. One among them shared her experience of being instructed to use a cloth instead of a sanitary napkin. Not only did she switch to pads herself but she also encouraged her mother to do the same. Youth is the power of tomorrow and the future of the nation. Floren applauds such heroes for how bold and strong they are and the part they are playing in making a difference.

Sana Mittal faced several challenges while choosing the right premium packaging for the customer's satisfaction and a better experience. "Strength comes from struggle" and with her struggle and hard work, she got the brand MADE SAFE (MADE SAFE certifies that products you use on your body are made with safe ingredients not known or suspected to harm human health) and MEDICERT certified (MediCERT® is a registered trademark that is awarded to products that have been tested on human skin &/or used by a significant number of customers without experiencing any adverse health issues) as well.
Along with this, Floren offers products that are allergy and toxin-free and FDA-approved. The brand aims to build itself in the nutraceutical category too. Floren would not just offer its products, but also provide services like free gynecological consultations. Moving forward, the brand plans on getting into herbal teas and supplements while aiming to offer the best quality at affordable rates. Floren promises to extend its optimum support for the well-being of women who face issues regarding female hygiene.
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