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Derry PG, the new Chief Operations Officer at Federal Soft Systems
Derry PG, the new Chief Operations Officer at Federal Soft Systems

Federal Soft Systems announces a shift toward product based strategy, reveals its strategy for FY 2022-23

ANI | Updated: Jan 04, 2022 13:58 IST

New Delhi [India], January 4 (ANI/SRV): Federal Soft Systems (FSS), one of the leading and most prestigious IT Product Development and consulting firms around the globe, has announced the expansion of its product line by adding five new and innovative IT products for 2022.
The new products in the pipeline is a result of the shift in the strategy of the company, from being a staffing and ITI focused company to a product based company.
Buoyed by the success of its recently launched products - Magikmat, Talking Tree, and Roll Overstocks - the digital transformation and consulting giant has been consistently developing a range of innovative solutions in the commercial education market for its clients. Ever since its inception, FSS has been incredibly successful with the demand and reception for its products in the IT and consumer market.
Although FSS started its operations as a mere corporate IT consultant who specialized in the situation and problem analysis and solution declaring, its growth to a product-based company is exceptional. From delivering their best-consulting services to the clients, the company is now offering its best, unique, and highly innovative products to the commercial market.
As a part of enhancing its product offerings, the company has roped in a dynamic personality, an expert in operations, Mr. Derry PG, as their new Chief Operations Officer.
Kishore Kumar Yedam, CEO, Federal Soft Systems said, "We are proudly announcing our new, energetic and enigmatic COO, Derry PG, has come on board with us. A multi-tasking consultant who is well known for his successful projects from beginning stages to completion. His 15 years of experience in ERP implementation, project management, and customer support made him achieve this scope. From project/program management to vendor/partner management, his command over meeting new customer challenges and overlooking solutions to satisfy the customer needs. He is handling more than 35+ customers for support across the globe at a more successful rate."
Derry has worked in massive companies like Ramco & Life Trust and built his career with strong interpersonal skills. He is also a specialist in almost all the aspects associated with Enterprise Resource Planning, ranging from customer support to implementation. Furthermore, he owns an impressive track record for the identification of risks and designing and implementing the most appropriate strategies to mitigate them wisely. His outlined work plans, quick and smart decision-making skills have been highly productive and have contributed to the organization he has represented as well as to his own career.
Simply put, he is an expert in the operations domain and the most required addition to the legacy of Federal Soft Systems in building a remarkable product base in the near future. With a veteran like Derry PG leading the resolute workforce of FSS, the company is expected to grow in both the heads, as a production company and as a consultant firm.
Over the years, FSS has displayed excellent professionalism in its product and service offerings by prioritizing the satisfaction of the clients and the consumers. This can be viewed as one of the major factors that assisted the firm in this transitional process and also resulted in the huge success of all of its previously launched products.
Established in 2015, FSS is incepted and is headquartered in Arkansas, USA. The company owns two offshore offices in India and has a huge client base when it comes to IT and consultation related to other services. Their research in the virtual and AI domain is highly expected to contribute towards path-breaking innovations through their product launches.
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