A plethora of skills and hobbies to hone
A plethora of skills and hobbies to hone

Elev: The right place for your holistic developement

ANI | Updated: Mar 03, 2021 19:24 IST

New Delhi [India],March 1 (ANI/SRV Media): Elev is a one-of-a-kind company that aims to teach with a little spice of fun. Elev doesn't believe in traditional methods and aims to modernize the teaching, not just based on theoretical or educational content.
It has nurtured the talents of brilliant minds and skilled, talented pupils since its inception. It is an online platform solely based on developing and nurturing skills and hobbies.
This country is a goldmine of talent that requires refinement and a little polishing to reach its true potential. With Elev, they can refine raw talent with the help of the masterclasses and hone their skills in the comfort of their homes.
Elev has tutorials ranging from arts and crafts to health and fitness. The platform brings you one step closer to your goals with the help of all the study material ready at your home.
In the race to build careers and constant preparations for their exams, the personal development of these students has come to a halt. They simply can't afford the time spent commuting and getting used to other places to concentrate on their hobbies or do things that they simply enjoy doing.
Elev solves this whole commuting problem as everything that people wish to learn is available online on the platform. Elev offers skilled tutors ready to mentor pupils online to gain knowledge or hone their hobbies
The COVID-19 phase was difficult and emotionally draining for all. In these times people turned to learning new things or doing things they love. Elev is well equipped for times like these and helped these people to cope with the lockdown blues with art and craft classes, classes to develop their personality and learning various instruments or music.
Their unwavering commitment and tireless working hours ensured no loss in development for the customers.
Ansh Khattar, Founder of Elev, says, "At Elev, our values are the verbal expressions of how we collectively approach our work - and our success is dependent on building a community that gets to learn out of the most. We at Elev are just growing up with new ideas and making our strong community big. We strongly believe that to develop and nurture one's skills, one has to get the necessary experience, interaction and knowledge which can be easily accessible with a tap on screen through Elev."
Elev also helped people stay fit too in the lockdown as numerous people turned to Elev's Fitness coaches to reach their fitness goals. At Elev, the team considers physical growth as vital as mental growth.
Elev is committed to developing personalities by offering to teach various aspects of life and make people understand life is not all about work. The revolutionizers hire only the professionals who excel in their work, to mentor you with the best of content. Elev is one of a kind unlike its other competitors as it focuses on the other important aspects of life as well.
Elev has helped in developing personalities and learning new skills to become the virtual mall of knowledge that helps people in becoming more social and will continue with this venture to empower people.
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