Master Data Science with experts at Eduplusnow!
Master Data Science with experts at Eduplusnow!

Eduplusnow is the bridge for you to upskill in Data Science

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2021 14:16 IST

New Delhi [India], June 21 (ANI/SRV Media): Eduplusnow is an online learning platform that is acting as a stepping stone towards upskilling and new-age skill development. The platform strives to build a bridge between real business challenges and classroom learning to avoid those obstacles.
Additionally, it also pays the required attention to those young aspirants and students who want to upskill and enhance their career potential.
In today's world, data science is considered high in demand, especially in India. Recruitment in India for data scientists is increasing with every passing day. It has been observed by The US Bureau of Labour Statistics, that there will be a 27.9 per cent rise in employment in the Data Science field by 2026.
The statistic is supported by the gradual increase in the number of IT service companies serving employment to the majority (40%) of the data science talent hub in India. Even the famous job enquiring website Glassdoor has claimed that Data Scientist is the number one job on its website.
So, considering the increase in demand and the certain bend in the career track for the young professionals towards Data Science in India. Eduplusnow is making its way into the world of Data Science to help aspiring data scientists attain the necessary knowledge and skill to sustain themselves in the highly competitive field. Also, the platform is helping the already trained professionals to upskill themselves to survive the incoming rise of demand in their field.

The courses or the programs are designed uniquely to enhance the learning that fit the learner's schedule. The programs are created with a perfect accumulation of inputs from industry experts and highly qualified professors from the country's top institutions. This movement of upskilling will help professionals and companies to close in on the skill gap which has been created over the years. The courses also allow individuals to achieve key objectives and innovate faster in the field.
Eduplusnow is offering Post Graduate Programs in Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, and Advanced Data Analytics for Executives along with Certificate Courses in Machine Learning and ML using Python. The curriculum and the platform are glued with Industry Ready Courses, Flexible Learning, Qualified Instructors, Advanced Study Plans, and Study Planning. SQL, Statistical Analysis, Regression Modeling, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning using R, Python, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Modeling, Tableau, Spark, and Hadoop are some of the course subjects data science enthusiasts can make use of.
Eduplusnow is currently operating upon the rise of the data science field and is sure about connecting an enthusiast to an expert with seamlessly transitioned stages of learning. The increase in the data science field has also brought in various high-end associations with companies like Cognizant, Wells Fargo, Emerson, HCL, Hitachi, etc. Hence, the exposure to big names in the field well looks after by Eduplusnow. Also, there shall be numerous opportunities later in the future to associate with them.
Eduplusnow is an online learning platform that launched in 2019. The online learning platform has an initiation towards closing the skill gap between classroom learning and on-field challenges. Providing the basic and professional skills and upgrades to help sustain in a highly competitive field of professionals by serving a plethora of PG, Certification, and Specialisation courses.
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