Master Data Science with Eduplusnow and Indian Statistical Institute
Master Data Science with Eduplusnow and Indian Statistical Institute

Eduplusnow in collaboration with the Indian Statistical Institute now offers Data Science specialisation courses with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

ANI | Updated: May 17, 2021 13:45 IST

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI/SRV Media): Any sector, including education, requires change and evolution in order to keep up with the times. Eduplusnow ensures that the education system is up to date and that the divide between classroom learning and real-world skills is bridged.
Eduplusnow in association with Indian Statistical Institute now offers Data Science specialisation courses with Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence.
Introduced in 2019, Eduplusnow is an online training network that provides students to overcome the expertise gap between classroom learning and real-world business challenges.
The courses are designed to provide learners with vital technological skills by combining feedback from industry experts and highly experienced professors from the country's top educational institutions. Individuals and businesses can bridge the skill gap faster, innovate faster, and reach their main goals seamlessly.
Eduplusnow operates under the direction and inspiration of the Vishvakarma Group (VIT Pune), with the aim of filling skill gaps in a variety of technical fields. It not only targets and represents aspirants from India but also from all over the world, including the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates & other countries.
Eduplusnow is what it is today because of industry-ready courses, flexible learning, teachers from academia & the industry, advanced research plans, an emphasis on target, and information channels.
Eduplusnow offers multiple numbers of post-graduate Data Science courses. The Indian Statistical Institute in Pune and the experts at Eduplusnow collaborated to develop and deliver the courses for the blooming talents of today's generation. The course can be availed in two batches: weekdays and weekends, giving students & working professional's greater versatility and accessibility while studying.
As a course, a Post Graduate programme in Data Science has a unique blended curriculum that covers all aspects of the subject developed by the industrial experts. Functional Analytics, SQL, Statistical Analysis, Text Mining, Regression Modeling, Hypothesis Testing, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning using R, Python, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Modeling, Tableau, Spark, and Hadoop are all the various course subjects that are included in the curriculum for various purposes. Along with this, students can gain practical knowledge by working on tools for deep learning using tools such as Tensorflow and Amazon Cloud Computing to name a few.
Some of Eduplusnow's salient features are -
Industry-Ready Courses
Flexible Learning
Achieving Target
Advanced Study Plans
Experienced industry Instructors
Knowledge Platform

Communication Assist 24x7
Furthermore, the advisory board comprising Dr Ashis Kumar Chakraborty, Prof Subrata Rath, Prof Pathik Mandal, Hemant Joshi, Shrikant Marathe, and Vinay Gupta play an influential role in guiding the online learning platform to excellence. With their years of experience and plethora of knowledge, Eduplusnow is highly grateful of their prescence.
Eduplusnow believes in developing qualified and sound professionals. Eduplusnow's talent transfer teams also assist students with career searches and placement opportunities. Eduplusnow graduates work in prestigious companies such as Infosys, Johnson Controls, TATA, RBI, and many more to be listed.
People who can get benefitted from the Data Science Course are -
Candidates who are eager to learn Python-based Machine Learning algorithms
Candidates with a keen interest in the practical applications of Machine Learning to
real-world problems
Students and practitioners who want to go beyond the basics to develop a comprehensive understanding of Machine Learning algorithms
An EXCEL user at the intermediate or advanced level who is unable to deal with large datasets
Anyone who wants to use powerful Machine Learning tools to add value to their company
Budding engineers who want to build a career in Machine Learning
Industry professionals who want to learn about online Machine Learning
Machine Learning programming for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students
Anyone who wants to apply machine learning to their field of expertise
For more information and enrollment, visit: Eduplusnow
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