Adhiparasakthi Dental college and Hospital
Adhiparasakthi Dental college and Hospital

Dr T Ramesh talks about a profession that brings smile to all faces

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2020 09:42 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI/ SRV Media): India is a land of diversity of culture, religion, topography and language. It also has a variety of educational fields. Medical sector is one of them. Healthcare is one of the most demanding sectors of all. It is upgrading itself to another extent that other sectors cannot reach. It is the world's fastest developing industry. It is a field where one should have the desire of helping everyone. This is possible only if the student has an interest in choosing this field. The medical sector consists of a variety of professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, veterinary, Ayurveda,Sidha, nursing, and occupational therapy.
Many students in India fancy entering the medical field. In a few cases, it might be the child's own personal interest. In other cases, it is the parent's interest or society's influence to become a doctor. Not only doctors who have studied MBBS prevail in the medical field but a variety of other medical professions. It is a blind thought of many parents to force their children into studying only allopathy. Due to this students develop anxiety on studying for NEET. "Do not force your children into your ways for they were created for a time different from your own" quoted ancient Athenian philosopher Plato. Back then it was believed that only if one becomes a doctor the person earns respect and money. But this is not the case of independent India now. There is a great possibility of a dentist earning more respect and money than a doctor. There are many living examples of dentists in India who are much more popular than doctors.
The field of dentistry now is broadly developed and is exceedingly popular in the medical sector. It is progressively developing itself and is already in an outstanding position. Many new technologies have emerged in the field of dentistry such as velscope to detect abnormalities in teeth, Invisalign to straighten teeth in a comfortable manner, dental implants for whole replacement of teeth, healozone a fast way to eliminate tooth decay, zoom whitening technology for instant whitening of teeth, 3D printing for artificial teeth, smart toothbrush with Bluetooth to cleanse the teeth properly.

Dr T Ramesh, Managing Director, Adhiparasakthi Dental college and Hospital, commented, "We practiced social distancing even before the pandemic. Our classrooms are large with high roofs. Our college is located at nature's lap with greeneries and is a neighbor of an extensive lake. Our campus is huge and clean. We have the latest technologies arising. The college is furnished and is equipped with voguish equipment. We think beyond theory and practical education. Our students are not just seen as future dentists but as a complete personality. Students are not only taught dentistry but also personal skills like dance, singing lessons, etc. for a bright future. Yoga classes are held for the relaxation of the student's mind and soul."
The institute has also a considerably large hospital with all technologies up to date. The hospital is located on the national highway and thus receives more than five hundred outpatients. The campus is surrounded by many villages. Many villagers with different oral health problems arrive at our hospital. This enables their students to gain plenty of experience. Some more added advantages that the institute offers are: Supporting students for higher studies abroad and even letting students participate in international seminars. The Institute has even collaborated with the foreign dental colleges.
Dr T Ramesh also spoke about dentistry being a profession that brings a smile to all faces irrespective of their age. Just in case you have the desire to bring a smile to everyone's face, you can join our college to become a dentist. Never worry about your future as they are in our hands.
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