Jashn 5
Jashn 5

Delhi NCR hosted the biggest sports event for senior citizens: Jashn 5

ANI | Updated: Oct 15, 2018 17:41 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 15 (NewsVoir): A two-day extravaganza was organized by Ashiana based on the theme "Essence of Seasons" at Nirmay and Utsav Bhiwadi. This year Shubham (Chennai), Nirmay (Bhiwadi), Utsav (Lavasa), Utsav (Jaipur) and Utsav (Bhiwadi) took part on 6th and 7th October 2018.
5th October was a pre-Jashn day for ice breaking session, hand holding and bonding of all the 5 teams. Right from receiving outstation teams by our residents and staff there was a feeling of camaraderie and positive vibes. On the eve of Pre Jashn a mass dance activity with about 500 participants danced to the same song "hum hair ahi pyarke", what a sight to watch! Awesome! Dance and music have no language it is the Rhythm and the beat of the music.
At the break of dawn on 6th of October, more than 100 participants gathered for Cycling competition. Who cares about age!. Excitement difficult to contain, merrily cycling away, winners Ecstatic! The formal inauguration was well attended.
The participants in their smart jersey posing for pics, there is excitement all over. Let's rush for the other competitions during the day, every event being organized with clockwork precision, winners rejoicing, the losers a bit morose but consoling each other, oh! Let's be happy to participate only have fun folks!
Come evening - look how much has happened during the day! The "cultural evening based on seasons" was the highlight of Jashn-5! The ambience was created in style and a most extraordinary show of vocal, instrumental music, dance was put up by the visiting artists of international fame from Delhi and NCR. The spectators were spell bound and no one could hold them back on their chairs once their favorite songs were sung. Large numbers dancing to their heart's content. No one wanted the evening to end. Oh! What an evening!! This is real Jashn!
It is still not daylighted the next day, but all the happy walkers assembled waiting for the first ray of daylight. Enthusiastic, thrilled and cheering for their teams. Who calls them senior citizens, they can make any youngster think twice. All competitions are over as planned by the lunchtime, dance music sports, creative arts, salad making, carom, chess all participated and played with festive fervor.
Now for the grand finale, ladies dressed up in all their finery and men dressed in their best. Walking up to the well-decorated venue for group dance competition and a fashion show/ramp walk. The dancers were looking gorgeous and the venue looking like a fairyland! The results of the Ashiana Senior Living anthem competition was declared and the winners read out their creative pieces. Now "Ashiana senior living" will have their very own anthem, wow!
After this the much awaited grandest finale "Rampwalk!" Hours spent in make-up, costumes, jewelry. Singles and couples walking the ramp after the MC has announced their names with a lot of fanfare each so confident and enacting their part so well. Each one was so good! The judges looked stressed how to judge such a competition, one better than the other. Finally, the results were declared and the prizes were given amidst a lot of cheering.
It's not yet over!! The rolling trophy for the was won by Utsav Bhiwadi. Nirmay the other senior living society won the first runner-up and Utsav Lavasa won second runner-up. Deafening music, dancing, cheering everyone is swaying to the beats as if there is no tomorrow. Jashn5 is over on a high note. To part now and with a promise to meet again.
A special award category was the highlight of this year's Jashn. 5 residents from our active senior living communities and one resident from Assisted Living were awarded for their outstanding contribution for a social cause. A special category of competitions was held for assisted living as well.
Over 1100 residents participated in Jashn this year, with about 150 residents coming from Chennai, Jaipur, and Lavasa! Over 30 different categories of competitions were participated by about 200+ participants!
Love, care, bonding friendship, laughter, and happiness all around! Strong relationships being built and now parting on an emotional note, lots of warm hugs and promises to meet up very soon! Au Revoir. (NewsVoir)