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Extra-Curricular activities platform ClassTrak rebrands to TalentGum.
Extra-Curricular activities platform ClassTrak rebrands to TalentGum.

ClassTrak took a big leap with rebranding to TalentGum

ANI | Updated: Dec 02, 2021 17:34 IST

New Delhi [India], December 2 (ANI/SRV): ClassTrak, an e-learning platform for extra-curricular activities, has successfully been rebranded as TalentGum with more focus on curated talent shaping programs for kids. The organization believes that having a name that is in line with the product will provide a better opportunity to connect with the customers and leverage its endeavour to become a global player in the e-learning space.
The word 'Talent' in the name indicates the WOW factor in every kid, and 'Gum' represents the elasticity that helps in shaping talent. TalentGum, thus is aptly suitable to make this organization future-ready with not only local, but also global appeal.
In this day and age, parents, schools, and society at large are getting increasingly aware of the importance of the holistic development of children. Co-curricular activities are more and more becoming an integral part of a child's development plan. These activities help a child develop: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and lot more skills that help in their overall growth. Foreign Universities place huge importance on extra-curricular activities as part of their admission criterion and the trend is fast catching up in India too. The overall extra-curricular learning market is estimated to be around $10 billion in India and $200 billion globally.
In October 2020, the idea was conceptualized to create a platform for online live extra-curricular classes for kids. In January 2021, the organization launched beta version of the solution and in April 2021, it launched the complete solution fabricated with curated courses for extra-curricular activities. Since then, TalentGum has grown significantly in this space and now has more than 4000 happy learners from 12 countries across the world.
"In the last 6 to 8 months, ClassTrak has been transformed from a simple class management software to a one-stop solution for Nurturing Talent. Since the launch of curated courses in April 2021, we have been witnessing its growing popularity among kids and parents both at National and International Levels. We think, this will give our students greater engagement, excitement, and a sense of achievement thus providing them with a superior learning experience." says Vijay Mahendru (Founder and CEO)

With the new enhancements like Jungle Theme and Leaderboard, the company now aims at providing students greater engagement, excitement, and a sense of achievement thus enabling them to enjoy a superior learning experience.
"I feel extremely proud that today, we have more than 4000 students from 12 countries across 4 Continents registered on the platform and learning a variety of co-curricular skills. We believe this is the right time for us to rebrand ourselves, which will provide an important catalyst in our endeavour to become a global player in the e-learning space. With TalentGum, we are gamifying our learning platform with a Jungle Safari theme, Reward points, Leaderboard, and much more." says Saunak Ghosh (Co-Founder and CBO)
TalentGum has a strong Back-End for Class Delivery and Management, and In-House Lead Management & Drip Marketing System. Additionally, they offer a variety of courses suited to everyone's needs through workshops and the more affordable Eco Courses. The platform also provides their student's opportunity to perform in front of large audiences with talent contests to engage them, build their interest and accelerate their learning.
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